1. ZakoLover

    [Zako fiction] A deal with the Devil

    Hello everyone, I'm back! And I am returning to write zako fiction! ^^ I will not continue the Fall of an Empire series though. Instead, I will start a completely new story. Not sure whether I will be able write it to the end :tongue:, but we shall see. Anyway, enjoy! :grin: ----- ----- -----...
  2. ZakoLover

    Fall of an Empire - A zako story

    Hello everyone! I am a newcomer here. Zako is my fetish and I am delighted to find out this place. I love reading the zako stories here, and I want to add one of my own zako fantasies. Short summary: A covert ops specialist was hired to fight an evil Empire full of young beautiful female...
  3. giugo

    The Godfather 2

    This game has a lot of Ryona potential, too bad I don't own a good PC to run it (and can't save footage from the PS3). Anyone has it and can record some footage? This is an old video done with a camera, you can see the brutal combos of this game done on some hookers.
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