1. sclover13

    Ninja Mask (Up/Down Toggable) [RGB2] v3.2 3.2 LDR

    Ninja Mask Up/Down State Click Toggle-Enabled [RGB] [LOADER] HUGE shout-out to @sby for doing some major heavy lifting on the coding of this mod. Ever want to fuck a ninja? Ever wanted to best an assassin... in the mouth? Well now you can with a tediously made piece of mouth fabric...
  2. ckuriyama

    StoryTime: The Assassin Life (Complete)

    I love reading the zako stories here from the very first one, Servi's Interactive Zako Stories, up to the now trending fall of an empire, and I want to add one of my own zako fantasies. Chapter 1 Part 1: Take the Girls out I'm Kevin, a specially trained male assassin who specializes in taking...
  3. dinomoneyman

    Interactive Assassin Ryona/Guro Adventure

    This is a thing I thought I would test out. It may end up decent, and it may end up being bad, I am not sure yet. This is an interactive fiction where the main character is an assassin sent out on missions to eliminate targets. These targets will usually be sexy women, and so will most guards...
  4. Vergil

    Assassin full nude 1.0

    Download this nudemod for Guild Wars to see the female assassin nude.
  5. Samoth

    Samoth's Dialogues [May 14, 2016 Update: "Trials of the Ancients"]

    I mentioned making a thread like this over in another thread in this subforum, and now that I've gone and made a total of 2 dialogues (and one doesn't apply to the other thread), I'm gonna go ahead and leave them here. If I make any further dialogues, they'll be added as necessary. See the...
  6. S


    Just a part of a 5 part serial story I did. This was the only section that involved a female victim, so I figured I may as well throw it up here. General idea is 2 ninjas (a male and a female) are infiltrating an office tower for unknown reasons, disposing of inappropriately attired security...