DOA5LR Holiday Mods! (latest update 12/25/2017)


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Sorry for the Laziness of this post, but been working right through Xmas eve until just a few minutes ago, trying to get this out to you guys, I will rework this page with all info before New Years...

Meshes Used: Harry Palmer, TimmyC, SaafRats, Raz, Fallardo (and all hand re-edited by me)
Textures: Harry Palmer, TimmyC, SaafRats, Galhound (and all hand re-touched by me)

Xmas Collection Remix!

Xmas Santa's Helpers:
Santa Tina.jpg
Santa Lisa.jpg
Santa Alt Hitomi.jpg
Santa Alt LeiFang.jpg

Xmas Cuties:
Snowman Ayane.jpg
Snowman Kasumi.jpg
Deer Hitomi.jpg
Deer Tina.jpg

Xmas Gift Wrapping:
Wrapping Lisa.jpg
Wrapping Momiji.jpg

MEGA Link:


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Search on youtube for doa5 auto link mods

I actually was able to make DOA work with auto link mods before but didn't had any idea what I done since none of the guides I found were clear enough to tell me how auto link works compared to Umod (and the number of guides I found was very small)