1. dantethedarkprince

    DOA Cheerleaders - Lei-Fang 1.0

    Note: this costume is not compatible with the breast slider. It will set the girl's breasts to the correct size when the SWF file is loaded, but any subsequent size adjustment will cause the breasts to fall out or clip through the fabric.
  2. NiteGuardian

    Hitomi's Denim Jeans + Nudity 1.2

    This Pack Includes: Shirtless with Jacket, Fully Topless, and Nude with Gloves/Shoes/Belt for Hitomi and for LeiFang since they are tag partners.
  3. NiteGuardian

    [DOA5LR] Weekly Nakedness Mods (April 29, Update)

    TL;DR Version - I will be releasing new DOA Mods that replace the base game Costumes with a bit of Nudity in them, once a week until the end of the year (2017), I may miss a few weeks along the way, but will have a double post next time when I do. Long Version - Permissions Info: You Can use...
  4. NiteGuardian

    LeiFang's Cheongsam + Nudity 1.0

    This Pack Includes: Pantyless Dress and Nude with Heels and Cuffs in 5 colors for Leifang and in 2 colors for Hitomi, since they are Tag partners.
  5. timmyc

    [DOA5LR] [Leifang] COS 009 2016-01-25

    skin tight see-thru with bra Silhouette and mini skirt - minor clipping issues can be observed, but I think it's not noticeable in action. Use Ink Reshuffle to replace the existing COS_009
  6. timmyc

    [DOA5LR] [Leifang] COS 011 - Jingly Bells 2016-01-25

    Yet another costume based on follardo's modification. I simply moved the bells after enlarging them and gave them some life, so they bounce around nicely with her breasts It's a shame that there's no sound effect for those bells. I guess they are made of plastic like the ones in my Xmas pack.
  7. timmyc

    [DOA5LR] [Leifang] DLCU 006 2016-01-25

    I took inspiration from Follardo's "jiangshi" modification and altered it slightly to put the scroll thingie on her crotch as to prevent her from awakening her true power.... Silly story aside, it took me quite a bit of time and creativity to anime the scroll since simply moving the scroll...
  8. timmyc

    [DOA5LR] [Leifang] DLC_009 2016-01-25

    This one is based on Follardo's Cheerleader work. It saddened me to see Leifang missing from the pack, so I decided to add her back using Kokoro's model as base
  9. timmyc

    [DOA5LR] [Leifang] DLC 004 Mod 2016-01-25

    I made this one for nostalgia's sake since it was one of the very first xbox nude mod that I managed to get my hands on (after some very extensive search due to the more closed nature of DOA5 circle back then)