1. AstralHorizen

    Scheherazade Outfit (Fate/Grand Order) 2020-12-28

    (Does not support handjob position or Breast Slider) "If any bugs or major clipping are found, inform me." The outfit is preloaded with data already to work with the custom thighs. I'll plan on adding different skins tones later in the future. The chest and breasts won't load correctly. So...
  2. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Yoga Shorts 4.1

    Fully RGB adjustable -RGB slider 1 controls the shorts color.
  3. A

    Adidas Leggings ?

    Hello there. Im here to ask if somebody would make Adidas Leggings for her. As you can see, i made an awful painting, but that´s just an idea how it actually could look like. The high-waist gives a great touch to her butt, which is very cool. Thank´s in Advance. <3
  4. khalifa

    Kd/A Ahri legwear

    Hello there. i am requesting the legwear from the kd/a skin of ahri, not the whole outfit. - ahri (league of legends) animal ears blonde hair breasts choker cropped foxgirl league of legends long hair microphone multiple tails nanoless nipples nude ponytail tail thighhighs water watermark...
  5. khalifa

    Leather Leggings/Jeans for SDT _ Already made

    EDIT: Already made, see link in next post. As you can guess i'm requesting lether styled leggings or jeans (see references) which should be somekind of shiny. RGB would be nice but black is most common and probably much easier to create, so i'm fine with that...
  6. Antimatter42

    Full Length Leggings (not torn)

    I don't know if this exists or not, but has anyone made full length leggings yet that are not torn? I enjoy BrokenToaster's leggings mod, but they're torn, and the other leggings mod I have (Thick Ass Leggings) has grown boring to me. Otherwise, can someone make this mod or modify...
  7. Sandy88

    Sandys All Day Clothes

    Hi there, UPDATE: Version 1.1 now supporting RGB! well I am pretty new here and today just finished my first custom SWF file (Wetlook Pants) which satisfies me enough to upload it. I am a pure beginner, just will try to create some "Every Day" Clothes which I have not found anywhere yet...
  8. BrokenToaster

    Cropped Jeans - Standard Color V1.0

    ***IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ*** The attached file is a zipped file. It will need to be decompressed to access the mods inside. There are three mods for these Cropped Jeans. Two solid color washes (light and dark) and an RGB version. THIS DOWNLOAD CONTAINS: - Solid Color: Bottoms - Cropped Jeans...
  9. BrokenToaster

    Cropped Leggings V1.0

    THIS DOWNLOAD CONTAINS: - RGB: Bottoms - Cropped Leggings MOD QUICK NOTES: - Vanilla or Loader: Vanilla - RGB Support or Solid Color: RGB - Breast Slider Support: N/A OTHER MOD NOTES: - Mod was made using both Bottoms template. - This mod is RGB hue shiftable n Bottoms Shader 1 Please feel...
  10. Samoth

    Velvet Scarletina Outfit 2017-11-21

    This mod requires the Loader and Template Extension to run. The hair mod used here was made by me and can be found here: Velvet Scarletina Dynamic Hair A pre-set folder for the mod can be found here: MEGA The above folder download includes the usual items - named pre-made folder and the...
  11. dantethedarkprince

    Futa Leggings 1.0

  12. AstralHorizen

    Sombra Outfit 2017-07-15

    THIS IS MY SECOND MOD(WILL BE UPDATED IN THE FUTURE) Csn be use in Super Deepthroat or SDT Loader Sombra's Hairstyle was made by Teadium Teadium Imports (Please support his Import Thread) KNOWN ISSUES CONCERNING THIS OUTFIT -----------------------------------------------------------------...
  13. dantethedarkprince

    Dixie Kong Cosplay 1.0

    Note: this costume is not compatible with the breast slider. It will set the girl's breasts to the correct size when the SWF file is loaded, but any subsequent size adjustment will cause the breasts to fall out or clip through the fabric.
  14. dantethedarkprince

    DC - Black Canary costume 2016-06-20

    Note: Does not include hair
  15. superduper2019

    Stephanie Costume 1.0

  16. superduper2019

    Stirrup Leggings - Long 1.0

  17. superduper2019

    Stirrup Leggings 1.0

  18. NiteGuardian

    [DOA5LR] Xmas Presents Remix

    First off this is entirely based off the work of timmyc, Thank you to him for allowing me to do this and you should consider it a joint project from the both of us rather than my Creation or Remix alone. Go here to check out his Topic: [DOA5LR] Timmy's Private Stash | Undertow Meshes: timmyc...