dead or alive 5

  1. Nodern03

    Kasumi vs Rig - Concept Phase

    This is the concept phase of the main fight. The prologue can be viewed here: Kasumi vs Rig by Nodern03 on DeviantArt
  2. Nodern03

    Kasumi - Ambushed (Short Fiction)

    Hey all, I am starting a new mini-episode, starring Kasumi again. This is the first render. I will be rendering the pictures and posting them first. The fiction will be written in later. The restroom was quiet, save for the random drops of water. Occasionally, a student or two would walk in...
  3. Nodern03

    Kasumi Versus Raidou (Concept, Pre-production, pilot)

    Rendered with Blender Cycles, 4K resolution, 3,000 samples. Render Time: 2 hours 29 minutes *** *Urghk.. Cough..cough...* Kasumi slowly stood up, her breathing erratic, her lungs spasming from the violent punch she received. "What's wrong, Kasumi?" Raidou taunted. "Having a bad tummyache?"...
  4. Nodern03

    Kasumi vs Hitomi

    -- Hitomi's perspective: With a sudden thrust downwards, Hitomi trapped Kasumi's hands underneath hers and sent a heavy fist thudding into her upper abdomen. Where Kasumi is lightning fast and accurate, Hitomi is stronger. Upon impact, she felt some resistance, but that had never stopped her...
  5. M

    CWF: Aelita Schaeffer vs Mila

    The following was written and given permission to be uploaded by Jade. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Once again the CWF arena was filled with wrestling fans and spectators on a Friday night, more people coming in. Once every seat...
  6. NiteGuardian

    [DOA5LR] Bikini Collection (first release, Helena)

    TL;DR Version - I will be releasing Bikini packs once every Month or Two until all Ladies are done, I may make a final big pack of extra Bikinis I skipped at the end. Long Version - Permissions Info: You Can use these in your own Mods, if you use these Meshes, Textures, or Both in your Mods...
  7. NiteGuardian

    Ayane's Butterfly Dress + Nudity 1.0

    This Pack Includes: Ayane's classic Butterfly Dress in both Purple and White with Pantyless, Topless+Pantyless, and Nude but with Bow, with an added alternate White for Kasumi.
  8. Z

    [DOA5LR]Marie Rose hair

    EDIT: Links to mod in post #7 below. [DOA5LR]Marie Rose hair Hi all, not sure if my memory is failing me but I remember there used to be a mod for DOA5LR where Marie Rose has her hair let down and untied. It's basically a port of her hair from DOAX3. Either that or I confused it with another...
  9. NiteGuardian

    Hitomi's Denim Jeans + Nudity 1.2

    This Pack Includes: Shirtless with Jacket, Fully Topless, and Nude with Gloves/Shoes/Belt for Hitomi and for LeiFang since they are tag partners.
  10. NiteGuardian

    [DOA5LR] Weekly Nakedness Mods (April 29, Update)

    TL;DR Version - I will be releasing new DOA Mods that replace the base game Costumes with a bit of Nudity in them, once a week until the end of the year (2017), I may miss a few weeks along the way, but will have a double post next time when I do. Long Version - Permissions Info: You Can use...
  11. NiteGuardian

    LeiFang's Cheongsam + Nudity 1.0

    This Pack Includes: Pantyless Dress and Nude with Heels and Cuffs in 5 colors for Leifang and in 2 colors for Hitomi, since they are Tag partners.