Vivacious Visitor
I don't think i will be able to finish the translation of the "A Girl's submission"dialogue by VincentL this evening. and I'm still catching up with the posts i missed but it seems (at least for me) there are still some dialogue topics that i couldn't find yet.
Since i lack the talent and the time to write them by myself i wanted to share some ideas here with a short describtion so it might give some of the creative folk here enough inspiration for new dialogues.

  1. Well, lets see by myself whether my future daugther-in-law is capable to fulfill her marital duties.
  2. I have taken you with me and raised you up for years. Like my own flesh and blood. is it too much to ask you to retaliate this kindness to me, now that your adoptive mother has run away?
  3. I know you're my father-in-law. But it is not my fault after all, that your son has proven to have no ink left in his pen. Or do you not want your daughter-in-law to be happy?
  4. Don't play to be demure, right now. Do you really think I do not notice where your eyes wander when I visit your place with your daughter? Especially when you believe no one is looking? Instead you should be glad that your son-in-law will read your wishes right from your lips. Literally.
  5. Obviously that limp dick of a son of mine is not able to get from his own wife what is lawful his to take. So it looks as if I would have to show my sister-in-law where her place is all by myself.
  6. Is it that difficult to understand? You both want a child. But my brother obviously unable to fulfill this desire. I feel willing and able to help you both. A single time and nothing more. How can this be adultery? it will be stay in the family at all. but if you're really worried you call ook and see what i have to offer and decide afterwarts.
  7. Your daughter? No, I have not seen her. I would certainly know if she would be on my side of the fence, wouldn't i? My face? Oh, just a tension I've got, but i'm positive that it won't last long. Will be blown away in no time.
  8. How strange. I was sure that your wife just sat here at the table. Well, I think we will be fine to discuss the matter alone anyway. Oh! Oh yes! What? No, no, I'm allright.
  9. Come on darling, I told all my friends what a cockhungry little slut you are. Don't let me be a liar to my best friend right now.
  10. Do you like watching me sucking off your boss? Don't worry, honey. I'm being totally compensated for the tiny cock of yours, you can jerk off as you watch and your boss can blow off some steam. We all are winning.
  11. Is already rare enough that one of those sluts accidentally strayed into the men's loo of the disco without immediately notice her mistake. That some of the guys were able to take the chance to pull her into a cabin and stuff her pretty mouth with dicks, without one of her girlfriends noticing - that is a fucking miracle. But that they also have managed to inform all of us, that is what i call a one-time womder. And now hurry up dead ahead, the queue will certainly not get shorter the longer it takes.
  12. My, my. This little rascal dares to sneak into the ladies' dressing room of the pool to peep and yet he believes that he can escape unscathed. At least not before each of us has punished you, little boy. Well, it looks like you bit off more than you could chew.
  13. Yes, that is necessary. Such a priapism can develop into a serious and painful illness, if I do not take care of it immediately. But do not worry I'm a registered nurse, so i will tkae that all completely professional.
  14. Oh my, such a misfortune. There you are. with lost memory and you do not know who the pretty young woman is in front of you and in which relationship you are with her. Girlfriend, Wife, Workgirl, Sister, Daughter. Who can say that? You certainly not. But I know a trick that will help you remember, promised.
  15. Listen Mister, I really have to sell these scout cookies as soon as possible. The other girls have no idea how to sell themselves and their product. But I know how to create an incentive for the customer. Deal?
  16. You are a man now, my boy, and I don't get any younger either. Your mother takes me completely and your sister is used to a certain flow-rate. And now show me that you can have it with the little whore.
  17. Do you really believe that your parents do not know what we are going to do while you are visiting us? Your uncle and your aunt helped them out of a lit trouble in the past and now guess what the price was.
  18. Each member of the family that reaches the age has done that until now. This is how we show the deepest respect for the family leader. And now come, my child, kneel down and give your grandfather a kiss according to old customs
  19. It is quite simple. Your mother has been a death for a while now, and your father has been enduring a pretty pair of blue balls for the same time. You have always disappointed me as a son and my heritage. Now we will see how you will get on as my new daughter and wife.
  20. I see it clearly. You want to live here but you have no money for the rent. I have no girlfriend and no interest in a male roommate. Now we somehow have to find a way how to everyone can get what he wants. I think we shouldn't put the cart before the horse We will look for you outfit and the other stuff later. Let's start by teaching you to deep throat first.
  21. Do you really think just because I am gay I know automatically how to blow a guy? At some point, we all have to practice, and in this case i would rather prefer to practice on my best friend. straight or not.
  22. You know, the happiness of my daughter goes to me above all. But I know how fickle you guys always have been. Tomorrow you twi will get married. Because you were both careless enough that she gotpregnant. But I will give you an incentive to make her happy for quite a while. Be a good husband and you can have this any time you want.
  23. Your father died to early. I know all too well and i also know we all need consolation at this hard times. II'm just your mother-in-law, and that might be not enough, but there is a trick that has always made your father smile and i'm sure it will make you too.
  24. A sister-in-law and a brother-in-law should be almost as close as the bridal couple, don't you think too? Although I am sure that our respective siblings woulddn't expect it to be this close. Their own fault when they have to make their wedding such a show off, right?
  25. This is all for your workout. You want to break the record in diving without a breath mask, right? This will increase your stamina, your ability to hold your breath even under the worst circumstances, and you will know how to react when you accidently swallow water.