BrokenToasters' Real Clothing Mod Series [UPDATED: 7.10.2015]

What do you think of the 'Build Your Own High Heels' section?

  • I like it! Now I can create exactly what High Heels I want.

    Votes: 8 47.1%
  • It's too complicated. I'd prefer to download the finished High Heel itself.

    Votes: 4 23.5%
  • It seems like a good idea, but it seems impractical.

    Votes: 5 29.4%
  • ***Other - Please comment in the thread with your thoughts

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Oct 4, 2016
I just thougth I ask. Are you still making mods upon request BrokenToaster or are you not interested? I have something in mind but do not want to be a bother.

Thanks a lot for the great additions you provided thus far, simply amazing.
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