fate/grand order

  1. Charlemagne Static Hair

    Charlemagne Static Hair 2024-05-22

    Static hair for Charlemagne, the king of the Franks from the Nasuverse!
  2. Sucker 4 Val

    Nero Claudius Caster

    I've been trying to make this myself for the past few hours, but I can't figure out how to do this for the life of me. I've basically given up on doing it myself. I'll do whoever wants to take over for me something better than a simple reference shot. Here's a transparent pic of her hair at the...
  3. Kriemhild Static Hairs

    Kriemhild Static Hairs 2024-04-10

    Static hairs for Kriemhild, the widow of vengeance from FGO!
  4. Frankenstein (Fran) Static Hair

    Frankenstein (Fran) Static Hair 2024-04-03

    Static hair for Fran, Frankenstein's monster from the Nasuverse!
  5. Medb Static Hair

    Medb Static Hair 2024-01-31

    Static hair for Queen Medb, the mother of soldiers from FGO!
  6. Euryale Static Hair

    Euryale Static Hair 2024-01-06

    Static hair for Euryale, the middle Gorgon sister from FGO!
  7. Hassan of the Serenity Static Hair

    Hassan of the Serenity Static Hair 2024-01-01

    Static hair for Hassan of the Serenity, the poisonous assassin from the Nasuverse!
  8. Edmond Dantes Static Hair

    Edmond Dantes Static Hair 2023-12-27

    Static hair for Edmond Dantes, the Count of Monte Cristo from the Nasuverse!
  9. Circe Static Hair

    Circe Static Hair 2023-12-23

    Static hair for Circe, the queen witch of Aeaea from FGO!
  10. Xu Fu Static Hair

    Xu Fu Static Hair 2023-12-21

    Static hair for Xu Fu, the immortality-seeking alchemist from FGO!
  11. Nero Claudius Static Hair

    Nero Claudius Static Hair 2023-12-17

    Static hair for Nero Claudius, the emperor of roses from the Nasuverse!
  12. Helena Blavatsky Static Hair

    Helena Blavatsky Static Hair 2023-12-14

    Static hair for Helena Blavatsky, the researcher of Lemuria from FGO!
  13. Katsushika Hokusai Static Hair

    Katsushika Hokusai Static Hair 2023-12-10

    Static hair for Katsushika Hokusai, the eccentric artist from FGO!
  14. Gareth Static Hair

    Gareth Static Hair 2023-12-03

    Static hair for Gareth, the knight with beautiful hands from FGO!
  15. Artoria Lily Static Hair

    Artoria Lily Static Hair 2023-11-29

    Static hair for Artoria Lily, the younger version of King Arthur from the Nasuverse!
  16. Bedivere Static Hair

    Bedivere Static Hair 2023-11-25

    Static hair for Bedivere, the shining Airgetlám from FGO!
  17. Xuanzang Sanzang Static Hair

    Xuanzang Sanzang Static Hair 2023-11-22

    Static hair for Xuanzang Sanzang, the monk of enlightenment from FGO!
  18. Asako (Hassan of the Hundred Personas) Static Hair

    Asako (Hassan of the Hundred Personas) Static Hair 2023-11-16

    Static hair for Asako, the leader of the Hundred Personas from FGO!
  19. Morgan Static Hair

    Morgan Static Hair 2023-11-13

    Static hair for Morgan, the winter queen of Faerie Britain from FGO!
  20. Arthur Pendragon Static Hair

    Arthur Pendragon Static Hair 2023-11-12

    Static hair for Arthur Pendragon, the prototype version of King Arthur from the Nasuverse!

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