1. Studio SDT Tutorial

    Studio SDT Tutorial

    Installation requirement walk through for Studio SDT
  2. Start HD SDT Tutorial

    Start HD SDT Tutorial

    Video Demonstration of the file placements for Start HD SDT
  3. The Hacker Known As Snow

    Studio SDT

    Studio SDT Screenshot and video assistant that runs two SDT Loader clients side by side in real time in a custom chromium web browser using the cefsharp framework Use arrow keys and numpad end and ins to zoom to use the camerControl Mod...
  4. Resource icon

    Studio SDT 0.1

    Advanced SDT Platform
  5. Fuzzy 'Mule' Slippers

    Fuzzy 'Mule' Slippers 2022-02-11

    Fuzzy slipers
  6. Resource icon

    ResetFinishes 1.0

    This is not the final blow
  7. AutoMoreClothing

    AutoMoreClothing 1.0.1 hot fix

    Generates a list of mods for moreclothing
  8. Start HD SDT & FrameRateUnlocker

    Start HD SDT & FrameRateUnlocker 1.1 and 1.3.1

    Performance for SDT
  9. Fullbloom.SVP.mp4


    Fullbloom OC release 1080p native resolution, ~40avg fps on a Ryzen 7 3700X recorded at 30fps SVP animation profile 60fps interpolation
  10. SDT at native 2k; 60fps interpolated.mp4

    SDT at native 2k; 60fps interpolated.mp4

    Running on a Ryzen 7 3700X Resolution is native, frame rate is optical flow interpolated with Premier Pro CC
  11. The Hacker Known As Snow

    Start HD SDT & SDT FrameRateUnlocker [Updated 10/17/2022]

    SDT FrameRateUnlocker v1.0 11/13/2021 Requires the Loader Can be loaded manually as a swf mod or through $INIT$ [/COLOR] The previous version of this original post contained a lot of wrong information. I was confounded during my initial testing from using an APU laptop as well as SDTL2, making...
  12. Nameless Heels Archive

    Nameless Heels Archive 2018-02-10

    All of Nameless' Non-Set High Heels
  13. Kallista Set

    Kallista Set 2018-02-10

    Kallista High Heels in 6 colors
  14. Tropicana High Heels Set

    Tropicana High Heels Set 2017-04-02

    Tropicana High Heels Set
  15. Deco Orange High Heels

    Deco Orange High Heels 2017-04-02

    Deco Orange High Heels
  16. Coffee Band High Heels

    Coffee Band High Heels 2017-04-02

    Coffee Band High Heels
  17. Chaos High Heels

    Chaos High Heels 2017-04-02

    Chaos High Heels
  18. Night Walker Platform Bootie

    Night Walker Platform Bootie 2017-04-02

    Night Walker Platform Bootie
  19. Pleaser High Heels

    Pleaser High Heels 2017-03-23

    Pleaser High Heels
  20. Crime High Heels

    Crime High Heels 2017-03-14

    High Heel Shoes


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