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  1. levisai

    Nico Robin (Futa Him) 2019-01-09

    A head replacement for him that changes his head to Nico Robin from One Piece. I gave her a cocky grin compared to the normal mouth.
  2. levisai

    Futa Him Imports by levisai

    Hi. I'm levisai, a trace "artist" of sorts. I'm new to all of this stuff but what I specialize in are replacements for him. Mostly heads for futa him and maybe some bodies if I git god enough. I've posted a couple of the heads I've done that I've posted in the resources. I might do more, but...
  3. S

    [Request] Head for Muscle Man

    Hey guys! Noobette here. I'm looking for a muscular body bod with a head. Is it possible to add a head to big bodies like Orc or Muscle Man? I don't care if it's static I just want one. Thanks!
  4. Dr Bees

    Need help from other modders for new body and head type.

    My next set of hairs I plan to make will be Agura, Sage and Kyburi from the show Battle Force 5, the only problem is Sage and Kyburi are aliens known as "Sentient's", and Sentient's have different head shapes and body's to humans, I've provided reference points below of course, now Kyburi and...
  5. cuttetwink

    Male Head - Undou Shimasho 2.0

    Modloader and animtools are a must have. Coding courtesy of stuntcock, visuals by me. Originated from this doujin. Please note that as this is a first version, some issues went on, specially with the neck length.
  6. dantethedarkprince

    Need Some Head? UPDATE: 12-21-14 - Nami & KanColle forehead fix

    Screenshot by skullhammer Okay so it has come to my attention that many people want heads for the characters to use specifically with Sby's animtool mod located here: http://www.sdtmods.com/index.php?topic=2888.0 Rather than fill up my own thread with a lot of random faces that will...
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