1. F

    Him Hair PNG mod?

    Hey guys, I've tried looking for this and can't seem to find it. With her hair mods, you can simply edit an image in photoshop and hey presto, you have custom hair. Customising his hair isn't so simple, however. It would be great if there was a mod that allowed for a simple hair import rather...
  2. H

    Was wondering if someone could make a "Lion Him" mod or if one already exsists?

    I was looking around the "Him" part of this website and noticed that there are few Beast/Animal versions of Him. I was wondering if someone could make that, (Specifically A Lion version of "Him") or if it's not that hard to make someone to teach me how.
  3. C

    RGB Penis and Balls Mod - filled

    I'd like to request a mod for anyone who is willing to make it. I'd like to have an RGB penis and balls mod, where you can change the color of the HIM character's genitals, without it being a strap-on. Ideally, both Penis A and Penis B types would be included. Maybe as a bonus, the head, shaft...
  4. D

    Ideas For Modders & Creators

    First off would just like to thank all the great modders, coders, and creators in this community for improving the game and adding so much customizability. This post is to simply list off some ideas that may inspire a modder to improve SDT once more. If you have any ideas comment to this post...
  5. C

    I need help with de penis size of Him

    I need "unlock" the max size of the penis on the Scene menu, but I need increase more size, Is possible?
  6. Something (Extramodhim)

    Something (Extramodhim) 1.0 Prime

    A grotesque, twisted, abominable, abomination that could only be described as something
  7. 456

    him mod requests

    putting this out to see what people want, as sclover has made a templet to make him mods way more accessible
  8. berzinmegatop

    Band t-shirts for him and her

    can some make metal band t-shirts plz, like metallica, megadeth, slayer, anthrax, iron maiden, judas priest and all that good stuff.
  9. L

    moving layers

    Hi all. When making skin for him or using a penis replacement, no saliva is visible on the penis, as the penis sprite is on top of the saliva layer. Also, most of the spit strands are behind (units in front). Placing layers in Animate does not work. Is there a mod or setting that allows you to...
  10. D

    Pubic Hair for HIM/FUTA

    I've seen the RGB adjustable pubic hair for her. Was wondering if anyone can make the same thing for the HIM/FUTA model. Thanks in advance, honestly surprised it isn't a mod already.
  11. C

    SDT - Him - Chewbacca / Wookie

    Was hoping someone would make a Him Mod of Chewbacca or a Wookie from Star Wars for SDT. Thanks in advance , <3
  12. darkside 967

    can some one make zombie girl him head like this

  13. Resource icon

    ResetFinishes 1.0

    This is not the final blow
  14. darkside 967

    his head mod zombie futa him

    please can someone make a zombie futa him head
  15. His penis Shotacon

    His penis Shotacon 2021-10-05

    Shotacon version of his pee pee
  16. Naval Officer (Him model)

    Naval Officer (Him model) 1.0

    Ravage the world in this uniform from the 17th century british navy
  17. Him Business Suit

    Him Business Suit 1.0

    A business suit for him
  18. Him Jade Statue

    Him Jade Statue 1.0

    A jade statue him model. Should ring a bell for veterans of the forum...
  19. Him Business Shoes + Socks

    Him Business Shoes + Socks v.M

    Him Business Shoes + Socks Loader Mod by Mike
  20. Traveller/Aether Outfit

    Traveller/Aether Outfit v2

    The male version of the protagonist from Genshin Impact

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