1. ds14048

    His Head - Light (Vibrant Red) with eye. 1.0

    His Head - Light (Vibrant Red) with eye. Head for male body. Edited version of original Author dantethedarkprince
  2. ds14048

    His Head - Light (Dark Blonde) with eye. 1.0

    His Head - Light (Dark Blonde) with eye. Head for male body. Edited version of original Author dantethedarkprince
  3. ds14048

    His Head - Light (Black Hair) with eye 1.0

    His Head - Light (Black Hair) with eye. Head for male body. Edited version of original Author dantethedarkprince
  4. ds14048

    His Head - Light (Dark Brown) with eye 1.0

    His Head - Light (Dark Brown) with eye. Head for male body. Edited version of original Author dantethedarkprince
  5. Wither

    Straightshooter 1.0

    A fairly straightforward mod that causes "Him" to always orgasm in the same direction with no variations in the angle of the cum. This mod was a personal request that was filled by Sby, who kindly wrote up the code for it based on his bodymodpatch mod and gave me permission to upload this one...
  6. ds14048

    D.Va Futa Him Nude 1.0

    D.Va Futa Him Nude Replace him with D.Va
  7. ds14048

    Mr Meeseeks 1.0

    Mr Meeseeks Mr Meeseeks male replacer For Mr Meeseeks without breasts, set breasts to minimum 0. Mr Meeseeks is breast slider adjustable. Mr Meeseeks can be color changed, under custom, tint, His Skin. More Previews With chrome I have to right click on "More Previews" and select open link in...
  8. ds14048

    microphone 1.0

    microphone microphone with or without cord Penis A microphone Penis B microphone with cord Original work by @ Dr Neutral
  9. DigitalSmutExports

    Natsu (Fairy Tail) Him mod 1.0

    By request from @MGD_Oni Please note that this requires the Loader.
  10. DigitalSmutExports

    Him Priest 1.0

    This is an edit of Alucard by @dantethedarkprince made at the request of @Rudgar. I made some changes and the head in addition to the rocolouring but the lion's share of the credit goes to dante. The download contains the full costume as seen in the screenshot, a separate head mod, and the robe...
  11. ds14048

    Shinji Plugsuit 1.1

    Shinji Plugsuit Shinji Plugsuit Male Replacer 1.0 I need to say Thank You to @Wyld_Card for his Shinji.fla. Without his source file this mod would have taken a lot more work and time! This mod is built upon the shinji Male Replacer Mod itself so you do not need it for this mod. @Wyld_Card found...
  12. Antimatter42

    His Arm Holding Her - Solved

    I wasn't quite sure how to ask this, so I decided to open a separate thread for this question here on the help forum. My question is how can I allow the guy to hold her head on SDT without him loosing his grip on her every several seconds? Would a mod have to be made? Is this an issue only I'm...
  13. levisai

    Futa Him Imports by levisai

    Hi. I'm levisai, a trace "artist" of sorts. I'm new to all of this stuff but what I specialize in are replacements for him. Mostly heads for futa him and maybe some bodies if I git god enough. I've posted a couple of the heads I've done that I've posted in the resources. I might do more, but...
  14. levisai

    Superwoman (Futa Him) 1.0

    Another futa him replacement head that changes the head to Superwoman (Mary Batson).
  15. levisai

    Chizuru (Futa Him) 1.0

    A head replacement for him that changes his head to Chizuru from Bleach. It's based on the Orihime doujin dialogue that was posted here earlier. enjoy! I thought that a more shy/perverted expression would fit better for her character (as a Bleach junkie myself)
  16. ds14048

    Lapis Lazuli Him Nude 1.0

    Lapis Lazuli Him Nude Lapis Lazuli Him Nude Male Replacer More pics can be found here, Loader Imports ds14048
  17. UrMum12345

    Archangel Bow 2018-09-23

    The bow from @dantethedarkprince's Archer Angel mod.
  18. UrMum12345

    Archangel Sword 2018-09-23

    The sword from @dantethedarkprince's Swordsman Angel mod.
  19. S

    Muscular Futa Him

    Hello, I just landed on your forum and I hope not to derogate from a particular rule by putting my first message here. I know a little SDT as a simple user, but I am completely ignorant about technical side. I searched for a moment the resources part for some modifications on the Futa Him...
  20. ds14048

    Twisted Lollipop 1.1

    Twisted Lollipop penis replacer Replace your penis with a lollipop.
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