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The original version of this dialogue is taken from Asheburn's "Schoolgirl blackmailed" (found here Ashburn Dialogues), I only changed the intro and the finishers so that it is less group orientated.
Now that that is out of the way, onto the dialogue.

You have a video of a girl who goes to your school doing something that can easily ruin her reputation. You tell her to meet you in an empty classroom during the day and from there, you strike a deal... or so she thinks.

Typical schoolgirl outfit works best, whether it be from the default SDT options or from one of your own mods. He should have both his arms free (he grabs her head in the intro). I recommend her to be Angry with her arms on her leg at the start.
In the spoiler below is the test dummy I used (composed of default Ino's hair and the data SyntaxTerror used for Inazuma found here Inazuma Static Hair)

This is my first dialogue (edit) that I'm uploading so please feel free to give me advice and criticism!

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