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  1. sby

    ffbehavior V3_1

    ffbehavior V3_1 small tweak so mascara doesn't show up over eye when coughing/wincing /*********************/ ffbehavior V3 sort of re-wrote mod to use passoutfactor instead of the arbitrary timer that previous versions used. to help support the timing of using the passoutfactor, some options...
  2. sby

    femalemasturbate V1

    femalemasterbateV1 when pressing the activation key, she will start rubbing herself with her left hand modguy threw code at me, here it is compiled added some key and persist settings, because that is what i do default is 'l' to start masturbating sidenote, pretty sure the mod 'dialogactions'...
  3. sby

    eyebrowcontrol V1

    edit - the typical use case of the mod (to provide panic eyebrows) has been added to a newer more user friendly mod: moremoods eyebrowcontrolV1 by sby this mod alters how her eyebrows appear 'panicked' depending on vigour,breath,passoutfactor,and penisinmouthdistance her eyebrows increase in...
  4. sby

    extractloaderchars V3

    extractloadercharsV3 loader 5.25d+ added settings option to not remove loader chars from vanilla menu, just copy them added regular expression settings for other people that may wish to exclude certain characters from being moved. made things cleaner code-wise known bug: if loader folder...
  5. sby

    dialogspeed V1

    dialogspeedV1 by sby this mod changes how quickly the dialog characters are printed. see settings file to adjust speed probably should be tested more with dialogactions edit - this probably is doing the same thing as stuntcock's dialog typing speed mod, didn't see it until i was looking for...
  6. sby

    dialogpatch V5

    dialogpatchV4 just changed some stuff for compatibility with tweaks made in DA mod 4.07+ /***************************/ dialogpatchV3 now has settings file has option to attempt to play lower priority dialog lines if higher ones unavailable /****************************/ dialogpatchV2...
  7. sby

    dialogdisplayedit V5_1

    dialogdisplayeditV1 modifies alpha and text and background of the dialog box. delays box from showing until actual text (spaces are text). used when actions before dialog would've popped up blank window settings adjust colors and alphas includes persist option to act like a module that stays...
  8. sby

    deepthroatactions V5

    deepthroatactionsV3 re-up fixed settings file that was missing a setting - sby /*******************/ deepthroatactionsV3 added some breathlevel on stuff added percentage of activation on stuff - sby /**************************/ deepthroatactionsV2 a mod to add additional actions for...
  9. sby

    coughhotkey V1

    press f to make her cough. this is not a persistent mod, it will unload on reset.
  10. sby

    clearlastdata V1

    clearlastdataV1 by sby this mod clears the various data fields that are typically loaded as your previous character on startup. created to clear out funky mods breaking stuff on next startup.
  11. sby

    cheekbulgeedit V3_1

    cheekbulgeeditV3 added feature to modify cheek suck visual as well completely changed how settings work to be easier to understand and more flexible. rewrote it using free compiler - sby /**********************************************/ cheekbulgeeditV2 updated for loader 5.21c uses mod...
  12. sby

    breastfirmness V3

    breastfirmnessV1 a feature copied out from breastexpansion. this mod adds a modpage to select what breast firmness is desired (in a 0.02 to 1.0 range of firmness) 0 firmness being elastic breasts, 1 being rock solid breasts. after typing the desired value in the box, hit enter to set the...
  13. sby

    breastexpansionplus V3_6

    This mod tracks how much cum is inside of her to animate her belly, breasts, or body to expand accordingly. Also features 'puking' cum where a throw up sound is made, reverse swallow animation, and she drools the cum. see settings file to change a bunch of features of the mod...
  14. sby

    autohuereg V2

    autohueregV2 by sby, @thanks Modguy and Faceless fixed references for new loader 5.25 /********************************/ autohueregV1 by sby, @thanks Modguy and Faceless a persistant mod that automatically registers and tracks loader and vanilla mods for hue shifting. designed to be a loader...
  15. sby

    autoclosemouth V7

    autoclosemouthV4 added option for closing mouth with non-oral animtools positions. - sby /****************************/ autoclosemouhV3 added settings to assign keys to switching between auto and manual mode, and open mouth and closed mouth fixed a range error that could cause a spinning...
  16. sby

    autocloseeye V3

    autocloseeyeV2 added support for animtools contact to count as being in mouth /*********************/ autocloseeyeV1 she closes her eyelids when sucking the penis
  17. sby

    androidbehavior V2

    android behavior V2.1 quick edit - tweaked expected settings name to use the ...settings.txt type of naming /******************/ android behavior V2 - loader 5.18 updated for new 5.18 settings; fixed openeyelids; removed the iffy passoutemulate option; added inthroatsoundbydepth stuff...
  18. sby

    allalphasliders V7

    allalphaslidersV5 by sby and stuntcock stuntcock added code to register the secondary alpha sliders for the various modtypes. NOTE - these sliders will not do anything for the in game clothing, and mods must be made to take advantage of these new sliders. an option has been added to use half...
  19. sby

    aimpenis V1

    made for loader 5.18+ allows the user to aim the penis as if in bukkake mode, without the bukkake cumming limitation.
  20. A

    Skip Intro Resistance (loader mod) 2017-04-20

    You want avoid the first step to break her initial resistance ? Just add this mod. A extension for DialogueActions that add a new trigger is also available.
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