gameplay mod

  1. Breath Hack

    Breath Hack 1.1

    Tweak SDT's math so that the girl will be more (or less) vulnerable to air deprivation
  2. Extra Sticky

    Extra Sticky 0.1

    Allows semen strands to stick to additional objects, such as the male character's body
  3. Link Hearts

    Link Hearts 1.0

    Provides an on-screen indicator of the girl's stamina, based on the UI from The Legend of Zelda
  4. vanillaarmpatch

    vanillaarmpatch V4

    fixes arm skin flickering bug found in vanilla sdt
  5. throatresiststretch

    throatresiststretch V3

    makes it seem like you are stretching out her throat by vigourous thrusting or holding
  6. throatcumbulge

    throatcumbulge V6

    increases her throat bulge when ejaculating in her throat
  7. Resource icon

    TemplateExtension V7

    adds additonal modtypes to the vanilla mod framework
  8. swallowtiltset

    swallowtiltset V2

    changes the swallow angle where she will swallow cum in her mouth
  9. superbreast

    superbreast V8

    increases her breast size even further through scaling
  10. superbelly

    superbelly V8

    adds a size adjustable belly to her
  11. strandlimit

    strandlimit V3

    limit/reduce the amount of cumstrands and spitstrands exist on the screen
  12. regulaterandom

    regulaterandom V5

    prevents specific things from changing when shuffle is used
  13. penisrange

    penisrange V8

    increases the range that the penis can be scaled
  14. noclenchteeth

    noclenchteeth V2

    prevents her from clenching her teeth (angry mode)
  15. morespitstrands

    morespitstrands V3

    adds addtional spit strands when she is pulling up and pulling off from the penis
  16. morecumspurts

    morecumspurts V3

    a mod to add additonal "spurts" or ejaculations per his cumming
  17. moreclothing

    moreclothing V13

    adds additional clothing and other mods to the in-game menus.
  18. monitordialog

    monitordialog V3

    shows info about what dialog lines are being built
  19. loadingscreen

    loadingscreen V1

    this mod was created for loader bundle creators to tidy up the loading sequence of their packs.
  20. hairoverlaypatch

    hairoverlaypatch V2

    moves her forearm layer below the hair layers


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