dialogdisplayedit V7

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modifies alpha and text and background of the dialog box.
delays box from showing until actual text (spaces are text). used when actions before dialog would've popped up blank window

settings adjust colors and alphas

includes persist option to act like a module that stays active after resetting
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 7 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. added settings to control more alpha values

    dialogdisplayeditV7 by sby added additional settings to adjust bg and text alpha for the...
  2. compatibility change for procy logic

    dialogdisplayeditV6 by sby changed source to .as file instead of flash project changed some...
  3. logic change to prevent side effect line queuing

    dialogdisplayeditV5_1 by sby added some logic to remove the actions from the word list after...

Latest reviews

great mod, useful for differentiating between specialized dialogue lines, such as his lines of text vs what is the narrator or "system message"(such as a warning message)
Thank you again sby for everything you do :)
This v5 now provide everything we could hope for
Good mod. I like making HIS speech Blue, HER speech Red and HER Thoughts Pink. Makes it easy to figure out who is speaking/thinking. I had forgotten that without this they were all black (or did I have another mod that also changed their color?)

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