loader 5.25d+

added settings option to not remove loader chars from vanilla menu, just copy them
added regular expression settings for other people that may wish to exclude certain characters from being moved.
made things cleaner code-wise

known bug:
if loader folder menus are reloaded, this mod does not remove them again if they are set to be removed
(this was made before that feature was added, and i pretty much just use this for quick access to my stuff for testing so i probably won't update it)

loader 5.25c+

moves loader characters from the vanilla menu to a list in a loader tab(or modpage if setting).
if your loader character starts with "c-" then the mod will leave that character in the vanilla folder. example: c-SamusZeroSuit
~this feature was added because of how i organize my loader folders. i denote actual characters with the c- prefix for easy organization and grouping.

has a setting to load the list into a modpage, or a loader tab
has a setting to left justify text in the list

supports thumbnail preview when hovering over loader char.
mod is persistant and will not be unloaded.

"what happened to Version 1?"
i never uploaded it, this one is better.
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