autohuereg V2

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by sby, @thanks Modguy and Faceless

fixed references for new loader 5.25

by sby, @thanks Modguy and Faceless

a persistant mod that automatically registers and tracks loader and vanilla mods for hue shifting. designed to be a loader module in $INIT
loader mods are registered file-wise
vanilla mods are registered by modtype, pieces may be colored differently such as the costumetop and costumebottom

since hue registering has an alpha, it is possible to hide parts of a vanilla mod

known issue: vanilla mods that stack and use the same modtype category are registered together.
so 2 mods that both add a top costume will receive the same hue shifting. their sourcepackageinfo is kept private for security reasons
so it becomes difficult to differentiate between them.

info on hue shifting:
use the right circle button on the loader tab to get to the hue shifting modpage

select item, them use sliders to change hue:

R = red offset, a static increase or decrease of red in mod
R+ = red multiplier, changes how much red is already in the mod
G = green offset, a static increase or decrease of green in mod
G+ = green multiplier, changes how much green is already in the mod
B = blue offset, a static increase or decrease of blue in mod
B+ = blue multiplier, changes how much blue is already in the mod
A = alpha, how 'visible' or 'clear' the mod is

increasing all 3 colors increases brightness, decreasing all 3 colors decreases brightness

think of the multipliers as contrast color changes, and the statics as fill color changes
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nearly infinite possibilities... also, the inclusion of the Hue Slider functions and how each bar actually changes the color is SO FLIPPIN HELPFUL! I have been trying to figure it out intuitively for so long...


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