ffbehavior V3_1

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ffbehavior V3_1
small tweak so mascara doesn't show up over eye when coughing/wincing

ffbehavior V3

sort of re-wrote mod to use passoutfactor instead of the arbitrary timer that previous versions used.
to help support the timing of using the passoutfactor, some options to increase the rate that she passes our and the rate she loses breath have been added.
left in the code for the previous behaviour if usepassout does not equal 1

the new options are a more consistent, and are also percentage based since that is what people usually see when using the loader.

see the settings files for the goods.

- sby

ffbehavior V2

updated for loader 5.21c
uses modloader settings

- sby

ffbehavior v1

she will bahave similar to how the game final fellatio behaves.
main features:
iris shrink on penis depth
iris raise on hilt holding
background dimming while hilted
attempts to pulloff incrementally when held long


ffbehavior=1 //1=active; main switch to activate mod, left in to match my template
hiltactiondistancepaddingstart=30 //the distance variation for hilting to be considered active
deepthroatactiondistancepaddingstart=10 //the distance variation for deepthroat to be considered active
eyeangletimerincreaserate=1 //amount that the timer increases per frame when hilting
eyeangletimeractionstartpoint=50 //point when timer actions start
eyeangletimerpulloffpoint=200 //point when timer actions have reached max point
eyeangletimerreturndecreasepassoutmultduringhilt=0.8 //multiplier of how much the timer resets from passout amount after reaching max point (in hilt)
eyeangletimerreturndecreasepassoutmultduringdeepthroat=0.9 //multiplier of how much the timer resets from passout amount after reaching max point (in deepthroat)
lookdownwhiledeepthroat=1 //1=active; looks down when deepthroating
keepeyesallignedbeforetimerstartpointinhilt=1 //1=active; will keep eyes at their point before raising starts, prevents awkward auick eye angle setting
raiseirisontimeractions=1 //1=active; raises her eyes during hilt
eyeangleincreasemult=0.33 //multiplier of how much she raises her eyes compared to eyeangletimer
eyeanglerandomfluctuactionmult=-0.077 //multiplier of how much her eyes will jiggle downwards while raising them
highesteyeangle=65 //highest angle that she raises her eyes, 45=vertical, 90=horizontal,
shrinkirisgoingdownpenis=1 //1=active; her irises shrink when going down on the penis
irishshrinkmin=0.1 //smallest percent that her eyes will shrink
irissizestart=0.9 //starting size of irises; default size = 0.9
irisshrinkregulareyeshockmultiplier=0.1 //percent of how much the typical shock amount factors in with iris shrinking
irisshrinkdistancemultiplier=0.7 //percent of how much the distance on penis factors in with iris shrinking
decreasebreathduringtimeractions=1 //she will lose breath while hilt actions occur
loseallbreathafterpulloftime=1 //she will lose all breath (become winded after coming off penis) after attempted pulloff
darkenbgontimeractions=1 //1=active; darkens the background during hilt actions
bgdarkenratepercent=0.99 //percent background darkens during hilt actions
bgbrighteninmouthratepercent=1.15 //percent background re-brightens when in throat
bgbrightenoutmouthratepercent=1.3 //percent background re-brightens when out of mouth
dontpulloffwhilehiltedbeforepulloffpoint=1 //1=active; she won't do the typical pull back when hilted
attemptpulloffattimerpoint=1 //1=active; she will perform an abrupt pull off when max timer point is hit (currently 200 frames in)
pulloffinitialpower=0.35 //amount of abrupt pulloff power from attempted pulloff
pulloffpowerdecreasefrompassoutlevelmult=0.3 //multiplier of how much her pass out amount affects her abrupt pull off;

- sby
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Latest reviews

Love it, just would like if they turned blue or something after holding them down for long enough, or hell even another mod with more asphyxiation like plastic bags, or latex hoods, or maybe even a glass helmet that fogs up after a while, or you can fill it with cum so she drowns in it? but above all i'd just like the slight turning blue.

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