made for loader 5.18+

allows the user to aim the penis as if in bukkake mode, without the bukkake cumming limitation.
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Latest reviews

It's a good mod for animtool positions that were built using only one body size and don't work too well if she is bigger or small than that size. It is, however, a bit buggy and not ideal to use in certain situations. This is especially true with fellatio positions when using auto mode where you cannot control the penis. A lot of times, the penis will shift up or down randomly and the game is unable to adjust her position to match up with his penis. This results in her repeatedly going behind the tip (as if to lick the penis or balls), backing up as the game realizes it missed, and trying again with the same results. This may be due to a bug in the bukkake mode, but that's just my guess. I am not sure how the mod works exactly and I don't use the bukkake mode(never used it with auto mode before either). One thing that would definitely help is a toggle option in-game. It's still a good mod to have around. I would recommend loading this mod manually instead of loading it as a loader mod since it is persistent and currently does not have a toggle.
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