androidbehavior V2

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edit - the functionality/main features of this mod have been spiritually succeeded as the 'Android' behavior in moremoods, and the ingame options added by throatsoundcontrol:
however this mod may provide more adjustability for those that wish to tweak things.

android behavior V2.1

quick edit - tweaked expected settings name to use the ...settings.txt type of naming

android behavior V2 - loader 5.18

updated for new 5.18 settings; fixed openeyelids; removed the iffy passoutemulate option; added inthroatsoundbydepth stuff;

forceopeneyelids now functions by drawing the eyelids, which avoid the past issues of wincing making them quickly blink

replaced emulating passedout with swallow tilt setting. with new forceopeneyelids, the only features the emulated thing did well
was prevent swallowing, and some wincing due to acceleration. it didn't work well, but the mod is much cleaner and simplier now.
if you want the cheesy passoutemulate thing, you can always download the old version and run it with only that option activated.

inthroatsoundbydepth can be activated to have the in-throat sound be muffled as the penis goes farther down her throat.
some min and max volume options are availiable.

- sby

android behavior v1

the girl behaves similar to an android.
the mod prevents many of the features that cause the eyes to close.
works by essentially passing her out, and emulating her being awake.
mod may also be used to simply turn off some features of sdt by setting androidpassoutemulate=0

main features:
turn off coughing
turn off vigour wincing
turn off random blinking
turn off in-throat sound for awake/passed out
emulate being awake


androidbehavior=1 //1=active; enable the mod, left in for myself if i want to package the mod
androidpassoutemulate=1 //1=active; emulate being awake when passed out; should have openeyelids=1
androidthroatsoundpassedoutturnoff=1 //1=active; turns off the inthroat sound when emulated "passed out"
throatsoundpassedoutturnoff=1 //1=active; turns off the inthroat sound when she is actually passed out, disabled when androidpassoutemulate=1
androidthroatsoundawaketurnoff=1 //1=active; turns off the inthroat sound when she is emulated "awake"
throatsoundawaketurnoff=1 //1=active; turns off the inthroat sound when she is actually awake, disabled when androidpassoutemulate=1
preventcoughs=1 //1=active; prevents open coughs from happening
preventheldcoughs=1 //1=active; prevents held coughs from happening
preventvigour=1 //1=active; prevents vigour wincing
preventblinking=1 //1=active; prevents random blinking
openeyelids=1 //1=active; prevent eyelids from lowering, only looks good when things that close eyes are disabled
irisanglebypassoutfactor=0 //1=active; causes her to have shock according to level of passing out
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Now all it needs is a dialog mod to go with it :) Great work

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