breastfirmness V5

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a feature copied out from breastexpansion.
this mod adds a modpage to select what breast firmness is desired (in a 0.02 to 1.0 range of firmness)
0 firmness being elastic breasts, 1 being rock solid breasts.

after typing the desired value in the box, hit enter to set the breast firmness

a button labeled 'function on' will toggle between setting the breast firmness every frame, or just when manually set.
since the breast firmness is reset on costume/arm/breastsize changes, this can happen often; which is why it is on by default.
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Latest updates

  1. breast force control added

    breastfirmnessV5 added ability to also adjust breast force applied through movement. added...
  2. compatibility and bugfix for charcode

    breastfirmnessV4 added some compatibility fixes in charcode logic added settings to change...
  3. now init mod, added in game slider and button

    breastfirmnessV3 mod now uses controls added below the breast slider on the in-game 'custom'...

Latest reviews

Great. I love the added features such as being able to control firmness from settings and dialogue. The extra firmness in clothing option is a good idea.
Nice mod and thanks for extracting it from Breast Expansion which isn't my "thing".
If you ever get around to making a v2 some suggestions:
1. Could you add a settings file so this can be added into $INIT$ and the firmness automatically set there.
2. If this is a done a way to alter the firmness via dialogue would be handy. (If done via a settings file I suppose it might work to just add a new BreastFirmnessV2settings.txt file to a character folder and change it that way via loading a character via DA - but I've not used this feature so am not sure if it would actually work the way I think it might. In any case a way to control it via dailogue directly would be nice.)
Thanks for all the clever mods.
here ya go, try this V2 out and see if this is something of what you were looking for. pushing updates out on this is much easier xD
I just LOVE it because I don't like the toooo much wobbling tits! ;)

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