added feature to modify cheek suck visual as well
completely changed how settings work to be easier to understand and more flexible.
rewrote it using free compiler

- sby


updated for loader 5.21c
uses mod loader settings

- sby

this mod adjusts how much the cheek bulge is show according to values.

cheekbulgeedit=1 //1=active; turn on mod
cheekbulgemovedivide=25 //inversely how acceleration affects bulge
cheekbulgemouthcumdivide=50 //inversely how cum in mouth affects bulge
cheekbulgepositionmult=1.5 //inversely how penis in mouth distance affects bulge
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Latest updates

  1. added setting to b able to use accel feature in throat

    cheekbulgeeditV3_1 added setting to apply accel feature while deepthroating cleaned up some...

Latest reviews

A good mod in theory, yet I can't really teel the difference with or without the mod. Maybe I'm just blind, maybe it conflicts with other mods. I only have your loader and some character modes tho...
I do not understand how to make the cheek bulge greater or the cheek suck better. I read the instructions but do not understand them, after trying I had not difference made to either.... Could you please explain in a more understandable way? Or just make a tutorial if it's not too much of a hassle? Please send halp :(
Cool, is there a way to make the suck animation play further away from the tip of the cock?
Where do these files inserter.? Where do these files inserter.?
Where do these files inserter.?
Very nice, lots of sensible options to tailor it to the user's preferences.
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