allalphasliders V7

allalphaslidersV5 by sby and stuntcock

stuntcock added code to register the secondary alpha sliders for the various modtypes.
NOTE - these sliders will not do anything for the in game clothing, and mods must be made to take advantage of these new sliders.
an option has been added to use half alpha for these sliders to be able to distinguish them

allalphasliderV4 by sby

added a toggle nipple button next to the bra's rgb button, there is a setting to enable/disable this feature.
because making a separate mod to do this and a fraction of what this one does but in less convenient way is unwanted

allalphaslidersV3 by sby

added setting to turn off shuffling alpha value on tops

allalphaslidersV2 by sby

added support for charcode saving alpha value on tops

allalphaslidersV1 by sby

puts alpha sliders on all of the vanilla rgb color picker, the mod persists
charcode generation and loading seem to work with them fine. if the clothing saves the color usually, should save the alpha

should make a great init module if you like it

list of stuff now has alpha sliders:
colored penis (see-through penis anyone? xD )
him heels
him shirt,him pants,him shoes
ankle cufss, armwear, bottoms
footwear, eyewear, panties
tongue pierce, nipple pierce, belly pierce
earring, headwear
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  1. small bugfix and update for compatability for other mods

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  2. quick reupload for a bugfix

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  3. nipple button now 3 state and charcode saves

    allalphaslidersV6 by sby and stuntcock changed the nipple button to be a 3 state button of...

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It does what it says on the tin and does it well. I don't know why the average is so low, but I've used versions of this for a while and I've not had it act up.
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