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Sharpshooter 0.5 by stuntcock

Allows semen strands to reliably land in the mouth (if properly aimed)

  1. stuntcock
    This is an experimental mod (version 0.2). It is still under active development and may yield unexpected errors or compatibility problems during gameplay. It is recommended for experienced players only. Test results (and/or bug reports) are welcome.

    The sharpshooter mod alters some of the scripted behavior of the game's semen strands, so that they can consistently land inside the girl's mouth (and be absorbed into it) when properly aimed. When this occurs, the normal game mechanics will be invoked -- the girl may ask the player whether to drink it or spit it out, and she will then begin to drool (or swallow) according to the position of the mouse pointer.

    The mod does not actually provide any "aim assist" features, nor does it change the physics of semen strands. Hitting the mouth is a challenge, and the experience is bound to be somewhat messy. If you're having trouble, try bringing the girl's mouth nearly into contact with the penis. There's also a "more generous" collision-detection option, which you can enable via the Settings file.

    Please refer to the thread for discussion and technical details. Proper release notes will be provided in this space when/if the mod reaches 1.0.
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Recent Reviews

  1. KisumiKitsune
    Version: 0.2
    Woo! It does take some getting used to, but it's totally possible and relative easy once you're used to it. I've extensively modified the cum features and duration for a more "watersports" effect, but even the 10 second long last "spurt" can be captured in the mouth from a good distance away in its entirety. Or partially, if the dumb broad decides to start talking in the middle of it.

    Though, that just highlights how well it works, since it can stop catching mid-strand when speaking, then start catching it again when mouth opens back up and tongue sticks out.