1. R

    morecumspurts 5.3

    This is a (minor) update to the "morecumspurts" mod, which was originally created by @sby, and developed further by @stuntcock. All credit goes to them. This is the post for the previous release: https://www.undertow.club/downloads/morecumspurts.6/ The change only affects the edging feature...
  2. P

    Strand Zoom Fix

    I know stuntcock hasn't been around, but there's a bug in the strand zoom fix mod.I've tried loading it first (before any other mods) and tried loading it last with the same result. The cum seems to squirt out from behind her (pretty funny actually). Was wondering if anyone might have a fix.
  3. Shadow0000031


    I'm sort of surprised this doesn't seem to be talked about more, but I was wondering about the development of a precum mod. Basically the idea is that precum is generated at the tip of the penis at a certain rate, which may be tied to his pleasure. Specifics: I'm thinking the precum could just...
  4. K

    Super Deepthroat 1.21.1b

    Super Deepthroat (SDT) is a Flash game which simulates a fellatio sex scene. The characters and setting can be extensively customized via the in-game GUI, and can be radically altered via external mods. This Resource entry is intended to serve archival and discovery purposes. Newcomers are...
  5. stuntcock

    Strand Zoom Fix 1.0

    This mod addresses a coding error in SDT.swf. The error is irrelevant during normal gameplay, but it arises when the player forces the game's zoom to an abnormally low (zoomed-out) value. Such zoom values could be achieved by overriding the GUI, but are much more commonly encountered by...
  6. stuntcock

    Sharpshooter 0.5

    This is an experimental mod (version 0.2). It is still under active development and may yield unexpected errors or compatibility problems during gameplay. It is recommended for experienced players only. Test results (and/or bug reports) are welcome. The sharpshooter mod alters some of the...
  7. stuntcock

    moreCumSpurts 5.2

    This is a branch of sby's moreCumSpurts mod. It uses a different coding approach behind-the-scenes, but the main difference is that it's intended to be easier to customize. It also works within the original SDT code, so there's no sharp distinction between "normal spurts" and "extra spurts." If...
  8. T

    Cum in Mouth

    Since i found out about the "J" button i have been troubled with the fact that the guy can't aim for shit. It really annoys me (to a small extent nowadays) that when attempting to aim the penis to fire a shot straight down her throat without touching her lips, everything just kinda goes off to...
  9. Gameboy739

    Cum Sounds

    Is there a way to change the cum sounds?
  10. R

    Make Her Cum

    Make futa-Her cum. Download: Features - Customize when she cums: At the same time as him and/or with a custom keybinding (Default key is N). - Customize how she cums: Time between spurts, length of spurts etc. The cumming isn't quite right yet, I may update at some point (don't hold your...
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