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Him Sizer 0.1 by stuntcock

Adjust the size of the male character using an in-game slider

  1. stuntcock

    This mod adds a slider to the top of the "Him" pane, within the "Scene" tab of the in-game menu. It also adds a "himScale:###" parameter to any charcodes generated by the game.

    This mod requires the SDT Loader. It cannot be used with the vanilla game.

    Known Issues:
    • size updates will not occur while the game is paused. In order to see the effects of your adjustment, you must close the in-game menu.
    • his arms behave poorly. There's a lot of size-related hardcoding to deal with, and I haven't patched all of it. If things get too weird, try switching the right arm to "Free" and the left arm to "Loose".
    • the male character is posed based on the location of his penis. As you change his size, his penis will remain relatively steady. If you shrink him then his feet will no longer reach the ground; if you grow him then his knees will bend and the game will struggle to fit him into the available space. It's expected that you'll need to use custom animtools positions if you make serious adjustments (beyond 10%) to the male character's size.
    • the slider differs visually from the nearby vanilla sliders. This difference wasn't deliberate; I just found that the Loader's Slider class was easier to use.
    • the male character will revert to 100% size whenever a RESET occurs. I figured that this was safer than (potentially) leaving a confused newbie with a contorted giant on-screen. Veteran players can use the Mods\$RESET$ folder if they want to use a default male size other than 100%.
    • the scale adjustment has hardcoded limits of [5% ... 500%]. I can extend those limits if they're too restrictive, but I assume that most adjustments will remain relatively close to 100%.
    • if you increase the size of the male character then you may need to zoom out in order to fit him in the frame. If you use an extreme zoom setting (less than 0.4) then semen strands will disappear. There's a fix available.
    • male bodysize adjustments cannot be previewed in animtools. If you're trying to setup a custom position intended for a small (or large) guy then you'll need to do a lot of back-and-forth testing and tweaking.
    • if you wish to include a custom himScale parameter in charCodes loaded via DialogueActions, then please use the [LOAD_CHARCODE2] or [LOAD_FULL_CHARCODE] triggers. The standard [LOAD_CHARCODE] trigger relies on internal DA logic only; it will ignore the himScale parameter.

Recent Reviews

  1. Super18
    Version: 0.1
    It's great, but beyond 1,39x size it appears she "dodges" lots of cock.
    Besides that, and the weird penis angling when it's all the way down, this is a great mod!

    Minor suggestoins for tweaks would be to have him take a tighter girp on her head, and perhaps make the scaling bar a little more "user-friendly". Oh, as well as perhaps doing something about the leg that seems illogicly placed behind her.. (I wouldn't mind it falling in front of her for aesthetic reasons.)

    Really nice, and I was really hoping to see an improved version someday!
  2. some_dude
    Version: 0.1
    Great mod idea and a good start. I would very much like to see this get improved! : )
  3. pervM
    Version: 0.1
    Cool idea. Not yet sure what to do with it but I'll tinker with it regardless. Probably make Space Alien-Hims or something. If there was a mod where you could add multiple Hims with support for Animtools, you could make an army of goblins with this for a hilarious scene.