1. Perdition

    Smooch Tattoo 4+2

    RGB adjustable tattoo of one of Widowmaker's symbols from Overwatch. Comes in a version for arm, breast, butt, belly, lower back, and ankle.
  2. Perdition

    Ghast Hat 2 + 1

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'MC - Ghast Dynamic Hair' mod, this mod isolates the hat, turns it into headwear, and makes it RGB adjustable. Also comes in a plain and striped version without the face.
  3. ds14048

    Love Doll Lips 1.0

    RGB Adjustable Love Doll Lips . This mod uses the Gag template. Use the first Gag color slider.
  4. Vladymir

    Quick question...

    Does anyone know if its possible to permanently keep the mouth open and the tongue fully out? I've been trying to figure it out for days.
  5. stuntcock

    Sharpshooter 0.5

    This is an experimental mod (version 0.2). It is still under active development and may yield unexpected errors or compatibility problems during gameplay. It is recommended for experienced players only. Test results (and/or bug reports) are welcome. The sharpshooter mod alters some of the...