1. morecumspurts

    morecumspurts 5.3

    Updated the edging feature.
  2. D

    Spit Strands defying gravity

    Greetings, I've encountered a glitch and I am unsure what I may have done to cause it. Essentially, the spit strands do not fall and just stay "glued" to the face. I'm using @sby 's loader pack. I believe this issue occurred when I updated my moremoodsv9 to v10; however, after reversing this...
  3. P

    Strand Zoom Fix

    I know stuntcock hasn't been around, but there's a bug in the strand zoom fix mod.I've tried loading it first (before any other mods) and tried loading it last with the same result. The cum seems to squirt out from behind her (pretty funny actually). Was wondering if anyone might have a fix.
  4. Tiffany Maye Static Hair Mod

    Tiffany Maye Static Hair Mod 2018-01-19

    Static Hair mod for Tiffany Maye from HuniePop
  5. Extra Sticky

    Extra Sticky 0.1

    Allows semen strands to stick to additional objects, such as the male character's body
  6. Strand Zoom Fix

    Strand Zoom Fix 1.0

    Prevents semen strands from disappearing when the game zooms out farther than usual
  7. Sharpshooter

    Sharpshooter 0.5

    Allows semen strands to reliably land in the mouth (if properly aimed)
  8. moreCumSpurts

    moreCumSpurts 5.2

    Controls the number of cum spurts and their length
  9. T

    Cum in Mouth

    Since i found out about the "J" button i have been troubled with the fact that the guy can't aim for shit. It really annoys me (to a small extent nowadays) that when attempting to aim the penis to fire a shot straight down her throat without touching her lips, everything just kinda goes off to...

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