sdt loader

  1. K

    [SDT]Request: Alt-click Undressor

    What I imagine is so to speak "Alt-click Undressor" mod. I'm not sure its process is practically too heavy to use though... I'll make disorderly writing of delusion and wish someday it will be picked up. Scene tab > Clothing > "Shirt" select menu: - dress - dress-open-collared - dress-torn...
  2. K

    How to develop a SDT Loader SWF Mods?

    Hi. I'm new here and wanting to know how you get information and make SWF Mods of SDT Loader. Is there any manuals or tutorials, or someone's blog posts? Or, all is a kind of products of reverse engineering??
  3. Skyhigh69

    SDT Loader External Download

    This may be a little unorthodox and while it doesn't seem to violate the site rules I'm still wary. But would it be possible to for someone to pass me the SDT Loader file via a file sharing website while the current bug is ongoing?
  4. Resource icon

    togglecumflashing V1 reupload

    toggles the white halo cum flashing effect
  5. eyeMakeup

    eyeMakeup V1 hotfix1

    combined various eyemakeup related mods into a convenient init mod
  6. M1li

    "Her" has vanished

    I was starting up SDT after having downloaded a few mods, to find that when I had started it up "Her" was no longer there. I already tried redownloading the loader and I had previously also removed the mod which I thought was the cause of this issue. I currently don't really know what to do...
  7. Resource icon

    slave bazar character replacement V_0.1

    changes the appearance of Ashley from the slave bazaar
  8. chokercollarresistance

    chokercollarresistance V2hotfix1

    collars cause a thick penis getting blocked from going further down into her throat or get stretched
  9. Resource icon

    removedefaultrgb V1

    deregisters the default rgb for vanilla clothing
  10. RGB Ayaka Skirt

    RGB Ayaka Skirt 1.0

    RGB adjustable skirt worn by Ayaka from Genshin Impact
  11. [RGB] Apron [LDR][DHE]

    [RGB] Apron [LDR][DHE] 1.1

    Based on Iago "Apron", make it listening the overtop color slider and add DHE 5.91
  12. Resource icon

    audioreplacer V1

    a fla project template that provides framework to mod in game sounds
  13. Queen Chrysalis body mod.

    Queen Chrysalis body mod. 1

    Bug horse body replacer.
  14. Resource icon

    DialogueActions sby fork V4.12_fork_sby hotfix1

    a modified DialogueActions
  15. HerPleasureCounter

    HerPleasureCounter V1

    adds DialogAction's herPleasure variable as a visible counter
  16. Princess Celestia body mod.

    Princess Celestia body mod. 1.5

    Are you are princess too?
  17. 024anahuiram

    A combination of two existing mods (AnySizeHer - EyeScale)

    Hello loved comunity. Thank you for your awesome work. I post this thread because I want to use the AnySizeHer 1_4_1 combined with the EyeScale 1.3 but it seems to be a sort of compatibility problem when I load the character codes. It looks like this: LINK OF THE EXAMPLES It is possible to...
  18. fiendy

    Mods are not loading.

    I don't remember when it started because I just ignored it and loaded some mods in modding section after launching the game. I have all mods in $INIT$ folder, and mods.txt should be correct as well.
  19. Heytaii

    SDT.swf works in new phones?

    I've been playing the vanilla apk version of sdt on my phone for 3 years without knowing mods existed. Does anyone in 2021, know how to play sdt with mods on mobile? I downloaded the flash player version with the swf files, but everytime i load the loader, it just says there's an error with the...
  20. fiendy

    FPS is tooooo low

    Every time after launching the game, my fps starts getting lower. It starts on 30, and then goes all the way to 5-8 frames even if I just afk. I tryed to remove some mods, but it didn't change anything. My mods now: moremoodsV12.swf animtoolsV31.swf penisrangeV8.swf deepthroatactionsV5.swf...


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