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  1. Perdition

    Alisa Hat 2020-02-06

    RGB adjustable hat worn by Alisa from God Eater, based on @Mineur's 'Alisa Illinichina Amiella Static Hair' mod.
  2. Perdition

    Holly Accessories 2020-01-26

    RGB adjustable holly accessories for headwear, collar, earrings, nipple piercings, arm cuffs, and ankle cuffs. Arm cuffs and ankle cuffs come in a left and right only version each.
  3. Perdition

    Steel Heel 2020-01-20

    RGB adjustable ankle boots with a spike heel.
  4. Perdition

    Fantastica Boots 2020-01-20

    RGB adjustable large boots.
  5. K

    Panties :D 2020-01-12

    17 panties total - 6 main designs with variations for the bow ones: used bottoms from @Perdition 's - Pulled Down One-Piece Swimsuit 2.0 CostumePanties
  6. K

    dantethedarkprince and perdition mod revisions 2020-01-12

    these are mostly changing rgb slider controls or changing tops to bras, bottoms to panties, top to overtops, adding legwearb original artist @dantethedarkprince and revisions by @Perdition 40 mods in zip for preview images, moreclothing settings, what has been changed for each mod and more go...
  7. Perdition

    Elise Spider Legs 2019-12-28

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'LOL - Elise' mod, this mod isolates the back legs.
  8. K

    RGB Misc Tats - Girl Poses 2019-12-22

    mix of tats rgb file name format [image/pose description] [location on body] [tat] - [rgb slider(s) used].swf ex: angel ass tat - bellypiercing2 rgb.swf angel image on ass using second belly piercing rgb slider
  9. K

    RGB Stud Earring 2019-12-22

    basically just a different stud earring, the original in game stud started moving once i loaded some other rgb linked earrings/haircostume, so i made this CostumeEarPiercing - rgb slider HairCostume
  10. K

    RGB Striped Panties 2019-12-22

    @dantethedarkprince 's striped panties rgb one set of stripes and the litttle bow (white stripes are static) CostumePanties
  11. K

    RGB Rias Gremory Footwear 2019-12-22

    @dantethedarkprince 's Rias_Gremory_Outfit footwear rgb CostumeFootwear
  12. K

    RGB Paladin Earring 2019-12-22

    @dantethedarkprince 's Paladin earring rgb CostumeEarPiercing
  13. K

    Naughty Girl Tattoos 2019-12-22

    "Naughty Girl" tattoos rgb Naughty Girl 2 ass - belly2 rgb.swf is located on her ass, uses the second belly piercing rgb slider CostumePanties CostumeBellyPiercing Naughty Girl 2 shoulder - eyewear2 rgb.swf is located on her shoulder, uses second eyewear rgb slider CostumeArmwear...
  14. K

    MK9 Jade Armband 2019-12-22

    isolates @dantethedarkprince 's MK9_-_Jade costume armband CostumeArmwear
  15. K

    RGB Minxie Underwear - New Lace Pattern 2019-12-22

    @dantethedarkprince 's MB_-_Minxie_Underwear_normal_body with different lace pattern 3 rgb control variations uses bra and panties adds bow as part of bra CostumeBra CostumePanties
  16. K

    RGB Minxie Underwear - Original Lace Pattern 2019-12-22

    @dantethedarkprince 's MB_-_Minxie_Underwear_normal_body 3 rgb control variations uses bra and panties adds bow as part of bra CostumeBra CostumePanties
  17. K

    RGB Lucy Heartphilia (Cat Princess) Top and Bottom 2019-12-22

    Lucy Heartphilia (Cat Princess) from archive top and bottom rgb CostumeTop CostumeBottom
  18. K

    RGB Kubus Sc7 Tera Bottoms 2019-12-21

    @dantethedarkprince 's Kubus-Sc7_OC Tera rgb bottoms CostumeBottoms
  19. K

    Katrina Jade Slut Tattoo 2019-12-21

    Katrina Jade's "Slut" ass tattoo rgb CostumePanties CostumeBellyPiercing - rgb 2 slider
  20. K

    RGB Ikaros Collar 2019-12-21

    Ikaros Collar from the archive rgb control CostumeCollar
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