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    audioreplacerV1_NagiraKenzo V1

    turned the sound library from GDPenguin into an audioreplacer mod
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    audioreplacerV1_ListenToMyVoice V1

    loadable audio library of ListenToMyVoice
  3. thumbnailsave

    thumbnailsave V1

    adds buttons to save character portrait thumbnail files
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    Sarcastic, Bored Girl Audio Dialogue 1.0

    Audio dialogue + SFX of an sarcastic, bored girl giving head.
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    disablehelddialogline V1

    disables the 'held' dialog line triggering on holding her down
  6. A

    Feetwear hue is completely black

    I have a small but absolutely infuriating problem, the feetwear hue doesnt work, it always stays black no matter what shoes I pick or what color I set. After resetting the issue goes away, but of course some mods stop working, which is not ideal. Is there a general rule for this issue? Can I...
  7. Insecure Girl Trying Her Hardest

    Insecure Girl Trying Her Hardest 2.0

    Audio dialogue + SFX of an insecure, inexperienced girl trying hard to please.
  8. Angry, Reluctant Amateur Pornstar

    Angry, Reluctant Amateur Pornstar 2.0

    Audio dialogue + SFX of a porn scene, she gets progressively angry.
  9. Default but closer to him

    Default but closer to him 1.0

    Closer blowjob position with ass out
  10. Ruby Dragon Body [EM]

    Ruby Dragon Body [EM] 3.0

    Full body replacement mod, Ruby the Dragon. "3D" textures.
  11. Diablo 4 Lilith [EM]

    Diablo 4 Lilith [EM] 1.1

    Horns, wings, it's the Queen of Succubi
  12. V

    Need Help installing Loader

    Can someone tell me how i install the sdt loader ? I want try diferent poses but i need install this and i dont know how to do it
  13. extendedzoom

    extendedzoom V1

    increases the amount you are allowed to zoom out by when using the mouse wheel and zoom slider
  14. strandzoomfix_sby

    strandzoomfix_sby V2

    fixes strands when zooming the scene out farther than vanilla supported
  15. hairRGB

    hairRGB V4

    added supplemental RGB pickers next to hair HSL for mods to make use of
  16. Crimson Voices for animtoolsAudioExtension

    Crimson Voices for animtoolsAudioExtension 2023-01-03

    Made to be paired with my prior Crimson Voices mods
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    animtoolsAudioExtension V1

    add more voices to animtool's vigour sounds
  18. K

    [SDT]Request: Alt-click Undressor

    What I imagine is so to speak "Alt-click Undressor" mod. I'm not sure its process is practically too heavy to use though... I'll make disorderly writing of delusion and wish someday it will be picked up. Scene tab > Clothing > "Shirt" select menu: - dress - dress-open-collared - dress-torn...
  19. K

    How to develop a SDT Loader SWF Mods?

    Hi. I'm new here and wanting to know how you get information and make SWF Mods of SDT Loader. Is there any manuals or tutorials, or someone's blog posts? Or, all is a kind of products of reverse engineering??
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    togglecumflashing V1 reupload

    toggles the white halo cum flashing effect

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