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  1. sby

    nonresetcharcode V1

    nonresetcharcodeV1 by sby this mod prevents vanilla charcode options from being set to none if they are not included in the charcode. this applies to all conventional vanilla charcode loading, note that this does not apply to loader mods that handle their own charcode loading and default...
  2. sby

    mergeovercharcode V1

    mergeovercharcodeV1 by sby this mod changes the charcode behavior of the code.txt in $over the charcode is merged into the existing character's charcode upon loading this is to allow partial charcode options in $OVER that are more feature based to be used on all characters, without clearing...
  3. sby

    whiteflashxl V1

    whiteflashxlV1 by sby this scales and moves the cumming flash screen effects for 1122 pixel wide backgrounds load the mod again to reset the scaling back to normal
  4. sby

    menualphatoggle V1

    menualphatoggleV1 by sby this adds a persistant button on the menu to toggle the menu's alpha. this is so you can make changes in the menus and still be able to see the lower parts of her. edit - known bug, some menu objects added from mods might totally disappear when this is enabled. they...
  5. sby

    moveear V2

    moveearV1 by sby this mod adds a button on the custom menu near the ear selection to toggle between having her ear behind her hair or not charcode saving supported persistant mod, resetting will put her ear back to normal
  6. Faceless

    hide ear 2020-05-22

    Hides her ear.
  7. sby

    DA_sbyAddons V2_1

    DA_sbyAddons: uses 'dialogactions' api to add new dialog stuff, you will need to run that mod first before using this one. 'ProgressivePleasure' dialog lines feature added, this is to act as an easy way to...
  8. Apollion

    Isabelle New version 2.0

    Hello ! I made a new version of Isabelle's hair maybe ist not in a realy good quality but I like her more Ican't find the photo is used to make this hair mod (´。_。`) so basically, if you want to remake my hair mod but better, it will be a bit hard (。_。) here a example of Isabelle I used...
  9. sby

    headwearland V1

    headwearlandV1 by sby this is a persistent mod that adds buttons next to the headwear selection to adjust the landing point of headwear. this is normally calculated by the game, but some vanilla hairs and mods don't work well. added charcode support to save the landing point. if using...
  10. sby

    lipstickfade V1

    lipstickfadeV1 by sby when using lipstick smear, hold the penis in her mouth will gradually fade a lipstick smear section of on penis as is she is cleaning off his cock inside her mouth. i also have an option to have her swallow after a percentage of the smear is consecutavly cleaned in an area...
  11. Perdition

    Alisa Hat 2020-02-06

    RGB adjustable hat worn by Alisa from God Eater, based on @Mineur's 'Alisa Illinichina Amiella Static Hair' mod.
  12. Perdition

    Holly Accessories 2020-01-26

    RGB adjustable holly accessories for headwear, collar, earrings, nipple piercings, arm cuffs, and ankle cuffs. Arm cuffs and ankle cuffs come in a left and right only version each.
  13. Perdition

    Steel Heel 2020-01-20

    RGB adjustable ankle boots with a spike heel.
  14. Perdition

    Fantastica Boots 2020-01-20

    RGB adjustable large boots.
  15. K

    Panties :D 2020-01-12

    17 panties total - 6 main designs with variations for the bow ones: used bottoms from @Perdition 's - Pulled Down One-Piece Swimsuit 2.0 CostumePanties
  16. K

    dantethedarkprince and perdition mod revisions 2020-01-12

    these are mostly changing rgb slider controls or changing tops to bras, bottoms to panties, top to overtops, adding legwearb original artist @dantethedarkprince and revisions by @Perdition 40 mods in zip for preview images, moreclothing settings, what has been changed for each mod and more go...
  17. Perdition

    Elise Spider Legs 2019-12-28

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'LOL - Elise' mod, this mod isolates the back legs.
  18. K

    RGB Misc Tats - Girl Poses 2019-12-22

    mix of tats rgb file name format [image/pose description] [location on body] [tat] - [rgb slider(s) used].swf ex: angel ass tat - bellypiercing2 rgb.swf angel image on ass using second belly piercing rgb slider
  19. K

    RGB Stud Earring 2019-12-22

    basically just a different stud earring, the original in game stud started moving once i loaded some other rgb linked earrings/haircostume, so i made this CostumeEarPiercing - rgb slider HairCostume
  20. K

    RGB Striped Panties 2019-12-22

    @dantethedarkprince 's striped panties rgb one set of stripes and the litttle bow (white stripes are static) CostumePanties
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