1. ModGuy

    SwallowScaling v1.0

    This mod was requested by @jase Allows the adjustment of timing values for the swallow animation. The settings file accepts the following values: swMin The higher the value, the more often she'll cough after swallowing. swScaling Ties in with above. The higher the value, the...
  2. ModGuy

    Pill Buttons v1.0

    FAQ: This mod was requested by @futahiro. This mod adds several on-screen buttons which represent different types of drugs that can be fed to the girl. The effects are immersive - the girl will close her mouth and run through the usual swallowing animation, at which point the pill will begin...
  3. R

    Attack on Titan

    Hello all , Attack on Titan will come to the west in 26 August 2016 and the platforms are PS4, PS3, PSVita, Xbox One, Steam , the game had two nice types of ryona , A titan will grab your character by its hand and totally restrain her and if you fail then the titan will swallow her whole here...
  4. stuntcock

    Sharpshooter 0.5

    This is an experimental mod (version 0.2). It is still under active development and may yield unexpected errors or compatibility problems during gameplay. It is recommended for experienced players only. Test results (and/or bug reports) are welcome. The sharpshooter mod alters some of the...
  5. T

    Cum in Mouth

    Since i found out about the "J" button i have been troubled with the fact that the guy can't aim for shit. It really annoys me (to a small extent nowadays) that when attempting to aim the penis to fire a shot straight down her throat without touching her lips, everything just kinda goes off to...