Note: this mod has a relatively large filesize due to the use of raster graphics. The code content is fairly small; this mod does not make any significant changes to the logic of the SDT game.

This mod is intended for use with the SDT Loader. It is partially compatible with the vanilla SDT game. If this mod is loaded in SDT.swf then dirt will appear on the girl's body and face, but the chest and breast markings will be lost.

Because the dirt patches are implemented as BODY mods (similar to tattoos), they will not respond to any of the clothing RGB sliders. The marks use a light brown coloration, which makes them nearly invisible against dark skin. To compensate for this limitation (and to make the mod more convenient), you may wish to load the mod via moreclothing.

To do so, copy-paste the sdt-dirtyBody.mod file into your Mods\$INIT$\moreclothingmods folder. Then open your moreclothing configuration file (e.g. Settings\moreclothingV6_6settings.txt) and add the following line:

sdt-dirtyBody.mod=Dirty Body:Body:StaticHair>Body+reghue

If this configuration string is used, then a "Dirty Body" option will appear in the "Body" category of the scene menu. The dirt patches can be shown (or hidden) by clicking this option. There will also be a "Dirty Body" item in the shader list on the "Loader" tab; you can click this item to select it and then use the ARGB sliders below. Darkening the dirt patches will make them more visible against dark skin, while recoloring them may allow for imaginative re-use of this mod (e.g. blood spatter, motor oil, alien goo, etc).

Normal users can download the MOD file by clicking the blue button at the top of this webpage. Flash modders can find the FLA source file on mega.nz.
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Latest reviews

I would it 10 stars if I could. This mod has always been one of my favourite and most used mods.
Very nice, and is there another version of this that is just vanilla?
Because construction Workers need some love too.

Even on maximum zoom this looks terrific. Great job!
great mod! definitely a favorite! may i suggest the idea of a mod like this with scratches from some sort of animal?
Nice Mod, nice addtion for some scenarios.
Could you please eyplain in greater detail how to set this
mod for moreclothing.
I've added some moreclothing config details to the mod's description.

If you like the mod (or if you're planning to include it in a scenario bundle) then please get in touch with @Cheesyfles. The whole thing is his idea and he drew the artwork; I only put the pieces together in Flash.

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