1. C

    RGB Penis and Balls Mod - filled

    I'd like to request a mod for anyone who is willing to make it. I'd like to have an RGB penis and balls mod, where you can change the color of the HIM character's genitals, without it being a strap-on. Ideally, both Penis A and Penis B types would be included. Maybe as a bonus, the head, shaft...
  2. C

    I need help with de penis size of Him

    I need "unlock" the max size of the penis on the Scene menu, but I need increase more size, Is possible?
  3. MagicTricks2


    Here's another spell...
  4. penis covered in saliva

    penis covered in saliva 2.0

    It is a penis pulled out of the mouth during a blowjob
  5. L

    moving layers

    Hi all. When making skin for him or using a penis replacement, no saliva is visible on the penis, as the penis sprite is on top of the saliva layer. Also, most of the spit strands are behind (units in front). Placing layers in Animate does not work. Is there a mod or setting that allows you to...
  6. C

    How can I make her Penis get in the foreground?

    I'm using breastexpansionplus and when her belly gets bigger, her penis "disappears" behind her belly. Is there a way to fix that?
  7. Wet Penis

    Wet Penis 1.1

    Increases the visibility of the saliva on his penis
  8. Resource icon

    No Penis (Invisible Penis) 2016

    No Penis (Invisible Penis) by Synonymous
  9. His penis Shotacon

    His penis Shotacon 2021-10-05

    Shotacon version of his pee pee
  10. Resource icon

    Dry Penis 1.0

    A mod which hides the saliva on his penis
  11. U

    Issue with Black Widow x Hulk Scene I'm working on

    Alright, so I am working on a Black Widow x Hulk Scene It uses dante's hulk mod to make the guy Hulk It also uses Black Widow's hair from here...
  12. Real Horsedicks

    Real Horsedicks 2019-10-03

    Photo horse penis replacers for HIM
  13. A

    Screenshot size, HUD & genital hiding, reduce dialogue box

    Hello, I use the Loader.v5.45d.ModGuy and I have some questions. 1. Game options can make screenshot sizes x2 (1400x1200) with / vanilla shortcut, can we increase this size, like x3 ? 2. I use CameraControl.v5.25c (from Modguys Loader mods archive) to lower the overall scene position. Lame...
  14. ME Omnitool Penis Replacer

    ME Omnitool Penis Replacer 1.1

    Replaces the HIM model with an omnitool from mass effect
  15. X-ray pussy

    X-ray pussy 1.2.5

    Shows you a x-ray view when the penis is inside the girl.
  16. F

    Pubes for him

    Hi. I was looking for pubes for the "him" character, and thanks to @deadreaver I found that one: Tumbleweed (male pubic hair) by BoyNamedSue (end of post) Deadreaver's Imports - (Retiring Soon) I works well with the usual penis, and also without (using the "nopenis" mod) to simulate female...
  17. Extra Sticky

    Extra Sticky 0.1

    Allows semen strands to stick to additional objects, such as the male character's body
  18. P

    Hitbox for him

    So I recently started using the "Make Her Cum" mod. It's great but there is one thing: her cum just flies by his body. Is there any way to change this? Like a hitbox for his body on witch cum can actually land? I have no experience in flash but a lot of people here do so i am searching for help...
  19. X-Ray

    X-Ray 2.0

    Shows the penis within the girl's mouth and throat
  20. Troll

    Troll 1.0

    Replaces the male character with an obese monster based on the Cave Troll in The Lord of the Rings

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