WeeWillie Dialogues (Slave Bazaar Alpha 8.9 3/27/19) Added Sister


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Nov 8, 2013
Though things depend on the girl, other ways that tend to work is to increase breast size and just have fun sex if the girl's personality matches that. Depending on personality too, a girl might get more pride from pimping to the right type of customer. However, there's an issue that right now the only room a girl can stay in is the dingy cell, which lowers her pride each day, so pimping is probably not a good way to go. I meant to add different rooms with higher rent which would raise the girl's pride each day, such as having her actually having a nice bed to spend the night :)

I think this is pointing out that raising a girl's pride is more difficult than I thought it was. But then again, it does give a reason for purchasing gifts (i.e. clothes).


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Jul 21, 2019
Came back to this recently, and flash doesn't seem to make saves in local host for this game. Games like Trials in tainted space seem to save fine, but this does not create any folders or a BAZAAR.sol file. Anyone have any ideas?


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Mar 25, 2016
WeeWillie WeeWillie Really glad to see a update out of this bundle. Although I haven't played much of it so can't report any bugs, wanted to say thanks before starting. Albeit most updates are bug fixes I am glad you're pouring in your time over this. Also really glad you fixed other dialogues.

Will always be a fan :cool:
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