1. D

    MLP Modpack(?)

    Hi! A few months ago I found a my little pony modpack on here. I downloaded it, it was pretty great! But now I have a new computer, my old one has been sold. I tried looking for that modpack, but I can't find it anywhere! Could someone post a link to it please? It would be very muhc appreciated...
  2. Perdition

    Chrysalis Static Hair Adjust 2018-11-19

    Based on @Faron's 'Chrysalis Static Hair' mod, I adjusted it to remove the fangs, snout, ears, horn, and crown.
  3. savage_w!ll!@m

    My Dialouge Requests

    I've looked high and low for these dialogue's and so here are the dialogue's I need: Vinyl Scratch AKA Dj pon3(MLP), Neo (RWBY), Weiss Schnee,, Asuna Yuuki(SAO), Hestia(Danmachi). if anyone could find or create these it'd be much appreciated.
  4. Phantom-Wolf

    STATIC Sphinx Head (MLP) 2018-03-21

    BODY CODE charName:SD...
  5. RandomUser44v44

    MostCharacters + Chrysalis mlp Celestia Add

    This is a loader with characters from "most characters" (Mlp) any "bugs" or questions can be asked at my thread i guess This file was too big to fit in my thread: Almost everything MLP, downloads works, has the main 6. it contains all mlp characters from "most characters" plus Chrysalis (i...
  6. RandomUser44v44

    Almost everything MLP, downloads works, has the main 6.

    if you want to download the big file you can find stuff through, undertow searches (name of pony) and google searches now for others stuff like text she says and more hair and body inputs here is the site you need "SDT: /mlp/ Edition -" it also includes other ponies, you can repeat...
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