1. D

    Spit Strands defying gravity

    Greetings, I've encountered a glitch and I am unsure what I may have done to cause it. Essentially, the spit strands do not fall and just stay "glued" to the face. I'm using @sby 's loader pack. I believe this issue occurred when I updated my moremoodsv9 to v10; however, after reversing this...
  2. JesusTheManHimself

    PenisRangev7_1 doesn't work with AnySizeHerV1_4

    When you try to save a character then reload that character, the head returns to normal size and says "Invalid value for key "herheadscale" in char code. Ignoring it." in the top right corner. So there also seems to be an incompatibility with animTools too. If I unload animTools and load...
  3. Rudgar

    WeeWillie's Slave Bazaar: Bugs, Requests & Solutions

    Ahoy together, as offered and accepted I started this thread to collect bugs and feature requests for @WeeWillie 's Slave Bazaar. Add your bug reports and feature requests and I will copy them into this opening post so WeeWillie has a quick overview and an easy choice of what doing next - in...
  4. Perdition

    Ant Antenna 2019-03-23

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Ant' mod, this mod isolates the antenna and makes them RGB adjustable. Comes in both an original size and a small version.
  5. Perdition

    Dragonfly Earrings 2018-12-31

    RGB adjustable dragonfly shaped earrings.
  6. W

    Characters not snaping together

    been having this problem with every positon i load being a downloaded one or one that already comes with animtool. (using animtoolV24) Edit: already changed the disableteethclenching to 1
  7. M

    Throat Resistance issue

    Hi everyone, before we start, yes, I am using Loader. I've been having this weird issue with the throat resistance slider. Whenever I load up the game, the TR slider defaults to 200 instead of the usual 50. Even weirder is, if I move the slider myself, it'll remain where I placed it for a few...
  8. DigitalSmutExports

    Animtools position no cum

    Hi I have an issue with a position I've made. When He reaches climax there's no cum. The pleasure counter resets to 0, she moves her tongue as if he came on her, but there's no cum. She also doesn't make any comments about getting cum on her so it can't be an entirely visual issue. If anybody...
  9. Perdition

    Scorpion Arm And Thigh Tattoo 1+1

    RGB adjustable tattoo of a scorpion on her upper arm. Uses the armwear slot and the secondary RGB slider.
  10. drambuie

    SOLVED: Loader does not read CharacterFolders.txt out of box

    EDIT: Just realised the list does not appear in the Loader options but in the main Character selection thumbnail list - D'Oh. Can't find a delete button to roll back this post. Just updated loader to 5.45d and I have an odd problem. The game loads correctly, everything seems to work, the...
  11. K

    Need help with broken skin texture In a tera mod

    OK so, as the title says, i have this mod that's supposed to replace Castanic Female's black Cocktail Dress with a new costume that is only in ktera as of right now (the new wedding dresses) But, for some reason, the skin on the body is completely different from my castanic's face skin tone. So...
  12. Shadow0000031

    moreCumSpurts causing frozen spit

    Hi there - recently discovered SDT and it's great, a lot of the mods are great, but I'm having an annoying problem. I'm using the moreCumSpurtsV5 mod (and only that mod, aside from the ones that came in the default folder). When I started using it, I noticed that spit strands often completely...
  13. SyntaxTerror

    Strange bug with a mistake in custom data

    I made a mistake when I tried to change the custom data of a character I was creating: I deleted the semi-colon after the value of bodyScale, when I loaded this custom data, the body of the girl disapeared: Then I tried to load another character and I got this: Actually, I noticed that if...