loader pack

  1. F

    Threesome Loader Bundle 2.2

    Threesome Loader Bundle (Dialogue and Character Pack) v2.2 by Fleack The "Fleack_Bundle2.2" zip file includes everything. The "Outfit Character Codes" text file is an "extra" generated per a request.
  2. F

    Pony Loader Bundle v1.2

    Pony (MLP) Loader Bundle (Dialogue and Character Pack) v1.2 by Fleack Related Resources on FAQ
  3. The Hacker Known As Snow

    How to install a fully stacked Sby Loader inside SDTL2 and set up character folders.

  4. Antimatter42

    Antimatter42's Resource Bundle ver. 1.0

    Hello, all! So, considering the current situation surrounding this site's uncertain future, I am bequeathing to you everything I have uploaded here, plus some bonus content that was unreleased until now; it's basically all my backgrounds, and all my dialogues. Included in this final upload of...
  5. edgelord 3000

    Edgy loader pack 2020-03-27

    WARNING I've included my lolicon dialogues with this bundle. If you don't like underaged characters, you should avoid this bundle. WHAT'S UP GOVERNOR This is an install of Super Deepthroat with the bare necessities of mods required to play my dialogues. It also contains the dialogues I've...
  6. Rudgar

    WeeWillie's Slave Bazaar: Bugs, Requests & Solutions

    Ahoy together, as offered and accepted I started this thread to collect bugs and feature requests for @WeeWillie 's Slave Bazaar. Add your bug reports and feature requests and I will copy them into this opening post so WeeWillie has a quick overview and an easy choice of what doing next - in...
  7. Antimatter42

    Making Loader Packs

    Hey guys, it's me again. My Clara Loft remake is pretty much done now, and now I'm just making the loader pack. The issue I'm having, however, is that dialogueactions can't seem to load the needed mods when [LOAD_MOD] is triggered, even though I put all of my mods in my $INIT$ folder. On the...
  8. DigitalSmutExports

    The Attendants Dialogue Pack 1.2

    INTRODUCTION This is the first part of The Attendants - an all inclusive Super Deepthroat loader bundle ready to be played without any installation required. There's an Attendants thread found here. Please feel free to give feedback, ask questions etc. WHAT'S INCLUDED The main dialogue of...
  9. Jaxx

    School Rumble Underground (ENGLISH, FRENCH) 1.2

    Hello everyone, started over a year ago - yeah... it's been a long time, @DrZombi and @Slingerbult (if he ever comes back) will tell you :grin: - I am happy to finally release this dialog. School Rumble Underground isn't meant to be played, it's mostly a story, you almost don't have to do...
  10. sby

    sby loaderpack V13

    sby loader pack 13 A packaged and configured loader + flash player + most of my mods This pack has: - Standalone flash player 11, the suggested way of playing SDT (changed it from version 14 because it was stated that it runs faster) - Windows shortcut with script to open the loader with...
  11. DrZombi

    DrZombi's Sweet Treats 1.32a

    I've finally finished the 1st version of my own package for the SDT Loader. It has been a long work but I'm proud to present you something which, while not being flawless, should still be able to provide you some good moments :smile: This is not a package designed to be your basic default...
  12. Slingerbult

    Slingerbult Dialogue Bundle 2016-11-29-B

    Bundle with loader and my choice of loader mods and clothing. Contains: Dynamic Dialogue: A template for creating advanced dialogues with buttons and position changes. Sexy Sisters Saga: An interactive erotic novel where your progress is saved between chapters. This is a work in progress and new...