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Toe Nail Colors

Discussion in 'Imports' started by bluejacketmatt, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. bluejacketmatt

    bluejacketmatt Potential Patron

    Sep 1, 2014
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    This is my 1st attempt to make anything other than hair, Feet do not get much attention here on SDT Mods and I'm a foot guy so I decided to make these. It's only a small detail but that's because the game feet are so much smaller than the hands proportion wise. I attempted to make bigger feet but the legs wouldn't hue shift any more afterwards.
    Anyway I have Full colored toe nails to choose from and a good majority outlined in black, and also one called Amazon with gold and bone anklets Gold Toe Ring and leopard spot toenails hard to tell the detail though.<-- I requested a costume for queen la from tarzan http://www.sdtmods.com/index.php?topic=6422.0 no one seemed interested so i'm trying to attempt it.
    Tip: All of these stack with shoes so toe-less shoes so Do the nails 1st then shoes
    Here's a few screen shots,Enjoy! :D
    [​IMG] Teal Toes
    [​IMG] Red Toes
    [​IMG] Black Toes
    [​IMG] Amazon

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  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    Post your FLA file - someone can probably troubleshoot it for you. I needed to create smaller feet for one of my mods and I don't recall any major difficulties with hue-shifting.

    It isn't necessary to release a dozen separate files. Instead, you could release a single file which reads from the "footwear" RGB sliders. It's a bit less flexible - because users might want to recolor the toenails and shoes independently, and we're limited to two sliders. Nonetheless, it may be more practical for some users.

    General feedback:
    • the toenail SWF files that you posted are technically Loader mods rather than vanilla mods. But we can repackage them as vanilla mods so that's no problem.
    • the "bigger feet" mod would probably be a Loader mod (if you want it to obey the skin-tone selector and HSLC slider then upgrade "probably" to "definitely"). So you might need to move this thread to the Loader imports board.
    • The toenail outlines were setup as actual "lines." This is the natural/straightforward approach, but it can lead to visual oddities. When you zoom in on a Flash scene, the fills will grow but the lines will not. If we want an outline to maintain its thickness (relative to whatever it surrounds) then it should be setup as a Fill rather than a Line.
      • This "every outline is actually a Fill" policy is used in the baseline SDT artwork.
      • The simple approach (which I've used below) is to ignore this policy while you're actually drawing or tracing stuff -- just use paths and lines normally. When the work is complete, adjust the Line thickness until it looks right. Then Copy-Paste your outlines onto a new layer. Keep the original set of Lines (in case you need to make further adjustments) but hide them, and then select the copied set and run the command: [Modify] > [Shape] > [Convert Lines to Fills].
    • the SWF files are quite large. It's unusual for a vanilla SWF import file to exceed 10kb. The reason that your files are so large is that they have the vector artwork for both bodies (him and her) packaged inside them.
    • I've attached a FLA source file with the extra bodyparts omitted.
      • it also uses an rgbFill element for toenail color-shifting. Ideally this would be rgbFill2 (which is less likely to be used by sandals) but that one is unavailable for vanilla footwear.
      • I simplified the toenail vectors. I'm not certain that the toenails ought to be visible from the standard perspective used in SDT gameplay, but if we're going to draw them then we can draw them cleanly.
        • In retrospect: I shrunk them too much. I hate working at 2000% magnification :(
      • I tried to add gradient highlights for a gloss/sheen effect but the result wasn't convincing. If you can make them work then feel free to use them.

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