1. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Pulled Up Shirts & Sweaters 1.0

    RGB adjustable -RGB slider 1 controls the tops color. -RGB slider 2 controls the secondary color for the sleeves of the long sleeve and rolled up sleeve sweaters.
  2. Kurgan

    Futa-her clothes - Are there any clothing mods?

    Are there any chothing mods that include an option for a futa? It's a little unsettling when her dick just clips through underwear, and default clothes pool is very small. Thanks for the all the other mods tho, they're great!
  3. C

    Top edit

    There is a top that I want to be edited in this: I want that part over the horizontal line be cut like this so her shoulders are visible, and become a long sleeve
  4. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Bodycon Dresses 2.0

    40+ different dresses are included in the download Each of the four variants of the dresses come in all lengths shown in the preview. RGB adjustable -RGB slider 1 for tops controls the entire dress color. -RGB slider 2 for tops controls the secondary color of any dresses that have secondary...
  5. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Tube Tops 1.0

    Took a bit of magic to prevent major clipping due to how the shirt is, but both shirts are fully breast slider adjustable. RGB adjustable -RGB slider 1 controls the shirt color. Note: add this to moreclothing's settings if you're using moreclothing to load the shirt. CropTubeTop.swf=Cropped...
  6. AniG

    Kizuna Ai Hair

    Kizuna Ai is a Virtual Youtuber there is all most no Porn of her so it is Realy Hard to find Pic's here are the best one's (I think they are) [i do Not care if you make Static or Dynamic] If it is Impossible with these Pic's then i Delete it. :confused:
  7. AniG

    Project Melody Hair (Maybe Clothes too?)

    So Project Melody is an Virtual Camgirl... but there is like none Porno Game Stuff of her so i would like to Request Dynamic Hair. i dont think the Pic's i have are Good for the Clothes so i dont realy need it. Here are the Best Pic's of her I Think i need to use Imgur Right? This the best...
  8. jawbreaker

    breast expansion clothes request

    hi i dont know if anyone can do this but i would like to have like clothes that burst open when the boobs get to big i know that there is one of the well two but the both have the same thing im kinda looking for like bra's that cant hold then anymore or shirt ripping open that kinda stuff if...
  9. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    High-Waist Pencil Skirt 2.0

    RGB adjustable -RGB slider 1 controls the skirt color.
  10. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Cropped Tops 3.0

    These are essentially sleeved versions of @Huitznahua's Midriff Cleavage Top, which I took inspiration from. The breasts of the exposed cleavage versions are of their design, although the shirts and the breasts of the covered cleavage versions are my own. 2.0 Previews RGB adjustable...
  11. N

    PSD Files for making Frozen 2 Outfit

    Hi everyone, I created this PSD file so that someone could turn it into a mod for the game. I worked on the different layers of clothes, in order to have the best possible rendering, while making sure to have a handy file to handle. Don't hesitate to get started, as well as to clarify if...
  12. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    High-Waist Tucked Tops 6.0

    Firstly, thanks to Huitznahua for letting me use the adjustable breasts from his Midriff Cleavage Top Tank, the shirt wouldn't be breast slider compatible without it. This mod works with all of my High-Waist bottoms, examples below. RGB adjustable -RGB slider 1 controls the tops color...
  13. A

    Adidas Leggings ?

    Hello there. Im here to ask if somebody would make Adidas Leggings for her. As you can see, i made an awful painting, but that´s just an idea how it actually could look like. The high-waist gives a great touch to her butt, which is very cool. Thank´s in Advance. <3
  14. hl155569

    Can someone make these shoes for me??

    Good news is I’ll pay! ($5-$10) I’d love to have these shoes to upload as a swf. file. I don’t have access to Photoshop or any other software - hopefully this shall be an easy ask. Thanks guys!
  15. veironn

    Mad Max : Madness pack mod

    Mod features : 100 textures modified in high resolution , including max clothes , story characters and max 43 new paints for the cars Option to create your custom car paints editing the original templates with photoshop Brown dog Download : mad max mod file - Mad Max : Madness pack mod for Mad...
  16. Dr Bees

    Need help from other modders for new body and head type.

    My next set of hairs I plan to make will be Agura, Sage and Kyburi from the show Battle Force 5, the only problem is Sage and Kyburi are aliens known as "Sentient's", and Sentient's have different head shapes and body's to humans, I've provided reference points below of course, now Kyburi and...
  17. P

    Request : i want school swim suit

    Hi guys. I'm sorry, but I just want to you make school swim suit mods. Examples below: I found this mod but couldn't change tits size. Swimsuit So, I want configurable suit. Please guys, I can`t get asleep!
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