1. C

    Better Feet Moreclothing 2018-03-29

    This is a version of my Better Feet mod that was altered by sby to work with moreclothing. Note that loading it manually seems to have problems flashing through the different skin colors, so if thats a problem then use the original mod instead.
  2. R

    Better Feet Bug?

    Hey, I try to load the better feet mod: Better Feet in the Ini File, but when I start the game the legs disappeared. However when I then manually load the mod, everything works. I don't have any other mods installed. Does anybody know how this could happen?
  3. T

    D.Va costume- boots removal

    Hello! I've been using D.Va Exposed costume, but i would like to her bare feet. I have an import mode called: "Better Feet", but when I add it, it doesn't overlay the costume. Could someone remove her costume on feet? I marked the top boundary on the screenshot below. Link for the costume...
  4. C

    Medium Ass And Legs 2017-07-30

    This is a loader mod that gives the girl a 'medium' build on her lower body, so named because it falls halfway between the vanilla and Thicker Ass And Legs mod. The vanilla build is somewhat thin, and this is intended to look more muscular or filled out. Please note that, unlike the thicker...
  5. C

    Better Feet 2017-07-30

    This is a loader mod that gives the girl more realistic feet. The shape of them are slightly altered because the proportions of the vanilla feet were too flat to follow exactly. This means that socks WON'T fit them without making something custom. However, most shoes should fit fine, as they...
  6. dantethedarkprince

    Mynxie Body 1.0

    Please note that this mod is intended to work only with a few special Mynxie costumes. Normal clothes will not narrow themselves in order to fit the slender body; normal shoes will not fit onto the modified feet. If you intend for the girl to remain naked then it's safe to use this mod on its...
  7. M

    Dirty Soles

    Can someone do a dirty soles mode? I was trying to do it by myself but still I don't know how
  8. J

    Better feet

    Wandering if anyone could make a import or mod where feet look better because the feet on it right now is shite
  9. D

    Resident Evil HD Remastered

    Please someone make a nude patch for Resident Evil 1 HD Remastered. Game was just released yesterday Jan 20th on Steam.
  10. N

    Better feet?

    Sorry about that stupid spoiler spam. Anyway, Is there a way you can change the default feet? The current feet are kinda lame. If i should put this in the loader requests or somewhere else, please tell me. I will attach a couple feet references
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