1. S

    Elaina's shoes 1.0

    Enjoy !
  2. RokPhenix

    Tinkerbell's outfit pack 1.1

    Request of @scott1. Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Tinkerbell' mod, extract and separate the wings, shoes, and skirt Note: this costume is not compatible with the breast slider. It will set the girl's breasts to the correct size when the SWF file is loaded, but any subsequent size adjustment...
  3. Faceless

    Misc Vanilla Mods Vol 1 2015-11-16

    Misc Vanilla Mods Vol 1 by Faceless (2015) Mod List: Armband, Boots, Harpy Legs, Kogal Socks, Kokiri Dress, Leotard, Mileena (Mortal Kombat), Okobi Shoes, Platform Heels, Pony Shoes Rachel Earrings (1+2), Saria Boots, Shibari (Ropes), Swimsuits (1-3), Tron Heels 2015 Note from Faceless...
  4. mike

    Him Business Shoes + Socks v.M

    Him Business Shoes + Socks Loader Mod by Mike FYI - This is an old mod (2013 or earlier).
  5. mike

    Roller Skates and Alt with Hue Shift v.M

    Roller Skates and Alt with Hue Shift Loader Mods by Mike. Sliders for skate, wheels, laces and tongue. FYI - These are old mods (2013 or earlier).
  6. mike

    Ice Skates with Hue Shift v.M

    Ice Skates with Hue Shift Loader Mod by Mike. Sliders for tongue, laces and skate. FYI - This is an old mod (2013 or earlier).
  7. mike

    Nike Air Shoes v.M

    Nike Air shoes Loader Mod by Mike with 11 sliders. FYI - This is an old mod (2013 or earlier).
  8. mike

    Nike Heels (Vanilla) v.M

    Nike Heels Vanilla Shoes Mod by Mike. FYI - This is an old mod (2013 or earlier).
  9. T

    Heels Leather 2012-06-19

    Vanilla Leather Heels Shoe Mod by TheCount
  10. T

    Heels Wild Leather 2012-06-19

    Vanilla Wild Leather Heels Shoe Mod by TheCount
  11. T

    Heels Crocko 2012-06-19

    Vanilla Crocko Heels Shoe Mod by TheCount
  12. DigitalSmutExports

    Ballet Shoes 1.0

    A pair of ballet shoes made at the request of @ly142900 . The download contains a precoloured version (upper image) to get as close to the reference as possible and an RGB adjustable version (lower image).
  13. R

    Glossy Pointy Heels 1.0

    These are really glossy. Hope I didn't overdo it. Made using the "Feet4Heels" template: Enjoy Check in here for all things SDT:
  14. sclover13

    Kaguya Luna Costume [SB][Vanilla] V1.0

    Kaguya Luna (輝夜月) Virtual Youtuber SkinnyBitch Costume ****This is the SkinnyBitch Body type Costume**** - Link to the normal body type version - This mod is the vanilla version. Loader optimized version coming soon. Body mod is Skinny Bitch.
  15. sclover13

    Ninja Flippy Floppies Type II 2.0V

    Ninja Flippy Floppies Type II - Short [Vanilla][RGB] Naruto-style sandals. Type II short version. 2.0-RGB Update. Added a simple RGB element to the ninja boots. The soles will remain dark grey for now.
  16. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Air Force Ones 1.0

    Wanted to make some name brand shoes, so I decided to make one of the Nike's I own. Might make a hi-top version. RGB adjustable -RGB slider 1 controls the shoe color. -RGB slider 2 controls the swoop color.
  17. Masterdragon

    Nessa (Pokemon) Sword/Shield Outfit 1.0.0

    Outfit from Nessa/the water gym uniform from Pokemon Sword/Shield. The top part of the uniform won't grow/shrink with the breasts (cause I'm not sure how I'd do that in a relatively easy/fast way). It's the first actual outfit mod I made, so if there are thing I could do better/easier please...
  18. V

    Shoe mod for super deep throat request, can you guys make this please

  19. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Wedge Chucks REDUX 1.0

    Re-vamped and combined my old Chuck Laced Boots and Wedge Chucks mods together into this one resource. I kept the original Wedge Chucks and made them into regular Chucks, since they still look good without the wedge, but the heel versions have been done over. Fully RGB adjustable -RGB...
  20. Perdition

    Steel Heel 2020-01-20

    RGB adjustable ankle boots with a spike heel.


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