Super18 Dialogue Project

What would be something you'd definatly like to see as a feature in this project? [max3]

  • More challenging and rewarding Deepthroating!

  • More positions with actual interactive responses!

  • Deep and rich storyplotline with branched paths!

  • New game-mechanics using RPG elements!

  • Your favourite anime characters in trouble!

  • Lovestories with fullfilling ploitlines... for a change!

  • New and surprising creative artistic content!

  • An exciting adventure exploring all the niches/fetishes one can think off!

  • Just a fun time with family and friends at the ZOO!

  • Some of the things that we're not supposed to do...

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Vivacious Visitor
Feb 11, 2013
I definitely want to see a larger project with dialogue, story, and a slew of positions both oral and sexual.


Potential Patron
Nov 21, 2015
I would definitely like to see this project finished and would be willing to offer all the help I can (although I am not very well versed in making mods for this game)
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