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Star Virgin Vs Prince of Pain (princeofpain and Mah)

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by princeofpain, May 16, 2013.

  1. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    This is a Rp between me and Mah.
    Mah, thank you very much you played Star Virgin pretty well.

    Star Virgin.jpg

    Star Virgin Vs Prince of Pain
    - princeofpain: My name is Gorz, I am a Wizard who have the ambition to fusion my powers with an evil being known as Prince of Pain, nobody knows it´s exact name, but, anyboy knows the great powers that this being have and how he gained his nickname.
    - princeofpain: I know the sorcery able to bring back this creature. The sorcery consists in offer 10 souls, 5 women and 5 men, so, I will offer half of my own blood (for a normal person this can be deadly).
    - princeofpain: I already have the persons, but, I must wait until the this can give me the time to prepare myself for my sacrifice. (yt)
    - Mah: I, Gizelle Willians (aka Star Virgin), am having a normal day at the university, it´s time to make a pause and I give a ride around, I love to feel the sunlight of the morning and see the flowers in the garden.
    - Mah: When I come back to my room I heard that some persons disappeared in the last days.
    - Mah: I know that kidnappings happens every day, but, so much, in just one or two days? This is a subject to someone who I know investigate. (yt)
    - princeofpain: The night is falling everything is ready, I must begin the sorcery now.
    - princeofpain: After say some strange words, my hands are now shining, the 10 bodies levitate, a red light outs from my hands, now divided in 10 and enter inside the persons by their mouths, now the bodies falls and the only thing that remains are 10 red balls, that stay around the statue of the being.
    - princeofpain: The only thing to do now, is offer my blood, I make a great cut in my pulses, I pour over the statuet, after some minutes I feel my life being passed to the statuet.
    - princeofpain: The eyes of the statuet starts to shine in a red light that slowly begins to take all the room.
    - princeofpain: Haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaa, I am back!
    - Mah: I passed all da thinking about the persons, I spent my morning and afternoon trying to discover where they could be found.
    - Mah: I am tired, it´s time for real action!
    - Mah: For the Power of The Stars!!!!!!!! A white light comes to me and involves my body. Now I became Star Virgin, the Super Heroine, I am wearing a red bikini, strapless bra and heart shaped panties.
    - Mah: I can´t waist time, I need to find the persons.
    - Mah: I fly over the city and the places around, from far, I see on the top of a mountain a strange red shine.
    - Mah: What is that? Well is better I check.
    - Mah: The old mansion! What is happening here?
    - Mah: I down and start to search around the what caused that red light.
    - Mah: I see 10 bodies! On my!!! Could be the missing persons? They are strange, they are totally white, I never seen things like this before.
    - Mah: I see now a man he have a strange appearance. (yt)
    - princeofpain: Fool humans (speaking like Darth Vader), their greed for power is the best way, to handle with them. (now my eyes are shining in a red light, my clothes are destroyed and my body is fuming). (yt)
    - Mah: I approach carefully and say: Who are you? What you did to these persons? (yt)
    - princeofpain: Who am I??? I am the one who will bring the destruction to this world I am the one who will make every being feels a pain that never could be even imagined.
    - princeofpain: Just call me princeofpain!!! (yt)
    - Mah: Not while I am here, I am Star Virgin, I will stop you right, right now. (yt)
    - princeofpain: huhuhuhahahahaaaaaaaaaa, you will stop me??? I don´t feel great powers on you, you can´t be considered an opponent to me.
    - princeofpain: You will be my first victim!!! (yt)
    - Mah: I don´t think so!
    - Mah: I launch myself to you flying and begins my attacks.
    - Mah: 3 right punches.
    - Mah: 4 left punches.
    - Mah: 2 kicks right on your face.
    - Mah: I fly little higher and launches a kick. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I disappeared few moments before you hit me. (yt)
    - Mah: The force of my kick is able to break the ground. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I am here child, if this is all your powers, you will be an easy prey. (yt)
    - Mah: I can´t permit this, I launch myself again and this time I give a punch usin all my forces. (yt)
    - princeofpain: Your punch hit me right on my face, but, I don´t feel nothing.
    - princeofpain: I can´t waist time with an insect like you, it´s time to suffer Star Virgin.
    - princeofpain: I grab your hand from my face and raise your arm.
    - princeofpain: I punch your face, your stomach and throw you. (yt)
    - Mah I recover from your attack and land on the ground gently.
    - Mah: I must say that you are strong, but, I still can beat you. (yt)
    - princeofpain: Using my super speed, I appeared in front of you and attack with a direct punch. (yt)
    - Mah: AAAh, with the force my head falls back. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I grab you by your neck and give a tremendous punch right on your belly (yt)
    - Mah: Considering the force of your attack I am thrown to the wall. The impact is so strong that I broke the wall. (yt)
    - princeofpain: Do you really want to continue this "fight"??? You don´t have any chance against me. (yt)
    - Mah: I can´t surrender to you, if I lose this fight many others persons will die. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I love when my victims don´t surrender easily, it´s much better when I spend some time torturing the weakest.
    - princeofpain: This time, I step on your head, forcing against the wall. (yt)
    - Mah AAAAAAAAHHH *crack* *crack* AAAAAAAAAHHHH *crack* AAAHHHH, no, please, don´t do this.
    - Mah: I try to escape from this situation, my head can be crushed with so much force. (yt)
    - princeofpain: Not yet (I retreat my foot), I will not kill you yet, I want to make you suffer for your boldness.
    - princeofpain: Now I grab your bra and lift you (this exposes your breasts) and knock you against the wall 4 times. (yt)
    - Mah: AAAHHH
    - Mah: AAAIIIII
    - Mah: OOOOHHH
    - Mah: the last one makes me dazed my body starts to become weak.
    - Mah: No matter what you do, I will find a way to defeat you. (yt)
    - princeofpain: Are you serious???
    - princeofpain: I punch your face, forcing your head against the wall. (yt)
    - Mah: AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! (yt)
    - princeofpain: I will make you surrender to me.
    - princeofpain: I let our body fall, I shake my hands, red lights appear, your body is lifted from the ground by the force of my mind. I leave you in a position as if crucified.
    - princeofpain: Now, I punch you, many times, your face, belly... and breasts are my favorite targets. (yt)
    - Mah: UUUUOOOOHHH (yt)
    - princeofpain: Using my mind powers, I place your arms above of our head and turns you.
    - princeofpain: The lights transforms in a whip, shining in a red light. (yt)
    - Mah: What is this? No, don´t do this. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I whip you, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times!!! (yt)
    - princeofpain: Hahahahahuhuhuhahaha, I stop now and turns you again, this time you are right in front of me.
    - princeofpain: Tell me human, can I make you weaker??? (yt)
    - Mah: No, I will never tell you. (yt)
    - princeofpain: Tell me, obey me. (yt)
    - Mah: No, never. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I pull my arm and give to you a huge punch right on your belly. (yt)
    - Mah: UUUUUUUUUUUHHHH at this moment I spit and begin to salivate.
    - Mah: cof... I... I... I... will note tell nnn...ooo...thing to yyyy...o...u. (yt)
    - princeofpain: Alright, I can have this information by other ways.
    - Princeofpain: I grab your head, look right in your eyes and try to enter in your mind, searching for your weakness. (yt)
    - Mah: I try to resist, but, the pain caused by your blows are too much for me, I can´t keep my concentration, it´s impossible to resist.
    - Mah: I am Star Virgin, my real name is Gizelle Willians, my weakness are my breasts and my pussy, if anyone hit me on these places I will become weak, I lose all my forces. (yt)
    - princeofpain: Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa, your breasts and your pussy???
    - princeofpain: I grab your bra and rip. Showing right in front of your face I say: Is this all you use to protect your weak point??? You are ridiculous. (yt)
    - Mah: No, give back. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I will. I cover my hand using your bra and give a great punch on your right breast. (yt)
    - Mah: UUUuuuuoooooHHHH (yt)
    - princeofpain: I increase the pressure. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I release your breast, and now, I focus on your left breast, another great punch. (yt)
    - Mah: As you are attacking my weak points, I start to lose my forces, I just feel your blows, but, can´t resist, just scream.
    - Mah: All I can do is groan in pain, you discovered my weakness, but, my pride as superheroine, don´t let me surrender to you. I say: "y...y...yooo...u never will defeat me... (yt)
    - princeofpain: I interrupt your speech with a punch right on your face. (yt)
    - Mah: AAAAHHHH (I groan weakly).
    - Mah: The force makes my head backwards then falls forward. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I release your body of my mind control. (yt)
    - Mah: I falls totally weak on the ground, now I am just a punch bag... a ragdoll for you. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I step on your stomach. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I grab your panties and rip.
    - princeofpain: HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA, are these clothes yours???
    - princeofpain: I tie your bra and your panties, making a kind of rope and starts to choke you. (yt)
    - Mah: ..... UH...OH p...p...p.ppp l...ea.se stop.
    - Mah: I am losing my consciousness, I´m salivating, my eyes are rolling back. (yt)
    - princeofpain: oh no!!! not yet.
    - princeofpain: I release you. (yt)
    - Mah: cof cof cof cof cof, huuuuuuu, I try to crawl, but, my body weakened, barely can move. (yt)
    - princeofpain: Is this the great Star Virgin???
    - princeofpain: I lift you, grab you by your head and look directly in your eyes.
    - princeofpain: looking to you I say: pathetic girl, don´t you have any idea of who you are dealing???
    - princeofpain: I spit in your face.
    - princeofpain: Every time I make you suffer, I become more and more powerful.
    - princeofpain: Belly punch. (yt)
    - Mah: UUUUHHH, (yt)
    - princeofpain: Now I will make you suffer even more.
    - princeofpain: I lift you above my head and apply a torture rack, I force your body up and down. (yt)
    - Mah: I´m seeing the things up and down, and think to myself: Is this my end??? Will this monster kill me??? I´m not able even to fight with him, my attacks were useless and he hurts me easily. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I drop you on the ground, now I spread our legs an step on your pussy. (yt)
    - Mah: As you hurted my other weak point, now I am weaker. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I grab your arms and lift you from the ground. (yt)
    - Mah: I am dazed, I am weak I am now like a ragdoll, I barely can stand. (yt)
    - princeofpain: Pulling your arms, I hit you against my body. (yt)
    - Mah: What is this? Is like hit an iron wall. (yt)
    - Princeofpain: Another hit. (yt)
    - Mah: AAAAHHH.
    - Mah: This time I almost fall I place my arms around your neck. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I don´t waste time and apply a bearhug in you. (yt)
    - Mah: UUUHHHH (yt)
    - princeofpain: I have a surprise for you Star Virgin. (yt)
    - Mah: OOOHHH W...w...w...wh...a...t is? (yt)
    - princeofpain: Using my powers I create a copy of me.
    - princeofpain: Let´s double our fun???
    - princeofpain: My copy grabs you behind. We take turns on your punishment. (yt)
    - Mah: I go forwards and backwards, every time one of you presses me.
    - princeofpain: It´s time to say good night Star Virgin.
    - princeofpain: my copy apply a backbreaker in you. (yt)
    - princeofpain: Now, my copy lift you and place a punch right on your face. (yt)
    - Mah: UUUHHH
    - Mah: With the force of the punch I come to your direction (yt)
    - princeofpain: It´s my turno to punch you. (yt)
    - Mah: OOOOUUUUHHHH (yt)
    - princeofpain: It´s a punch ping pong!!! He punch you to me and I punch you to him. (yt)
    - Princeofpain: punches to your face, belly, breast and... YOUR PUSSY!!! (yt)
    - Mah: UUUUUUUUHHHH. (yt)
    - princeofpain: When you arrive to me, I hold you.
    - princeofpain: I transform my copy in a chain (yt)
    - Mah: NOOOOOOOO pppleeeeeeaaaseeee, St...ooop. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I tie you, I put the chain around your neck, breasts and pussy.
    - princeofpain: Come on, let´s take a ride???
    - princeofpain: I fly to the city near of my mansion. (yt)
    - Mah: What you gonna do to me now? (yt)
    - princeofpain: I will show for all the person on that city that their heroine can´t protect them anymore. (yt)
    - Mah: Noooo, don´t do this. (yt)
    - princeofpain: I arrive bring you dragged to the center of the central square of the city. The persons are scared for seeing their dear heroine defeated and humiliated like that.
    - princeofpain: LOOOOK HERE, I defeated your heroine (I lift your body to everybody see).
    - princeofpain: She will stay here as an example and to teach to you who will rule this city and world from now.
    - princeofpain: I hang your body on a pole, give some punches, kicks and one spit on your face an leave you defeated and humiliated at that square. (yt)
    - Mah: S...o sooorr...y I failed with you.
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  2. Mah

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    May 10, 2013
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    thank you so much, I loved to play your superheroine.
  3. princeofpain

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    Feb 4, 2012
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    Thaks mah, I hope work with you again soon
  4. bloodmaiden

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    Mar 29, 2012
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    Good work Star Virgin was totally dominated and humiliated.
  5. Mah

    Mah Vivacious Visitor

    May 10, 2013
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    antime you need someone to be your superheroine, please, let me know ok?
  6. gigi

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    Nov 17, 2013
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    Awsome Rp, Star Virgin is hot. Punish her more