Soul Calibur VI Male Nude Mod


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Nov 13, 2018
I must have to say this... erect version, even with no oil effect, still looks quite bland texture-wise... It is not bad, but the flaccid texture still looks better imho. Some month ago I placed flaccid texture onto erect model texture in photoshop. This improved the look of testicles and shaft, but head of erect end up very red because I have trouble pasting and warping flaccid texture on model properly due to different texture shape and size...

But I noticed something interesting about your Black Desert Nude Male Mod... the "hard cock ver" looks like it is using same texture as flaccid version in that game? I hope someday you can add that "hard cock ver" model to SCVI... or improve the look of current erect model's texture to make it look like the flaccid texture.


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Apr 18, 2019
I cant find your download link can you pls fix it? Edit nvm figured it out. What does the penis replace in the game btw?
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