high elf

  1. Angry Catster

    Tera 64bit Human, Aman, High elf and Castanic Nude mods

    These mods are for 64 bit TERA only! No underwear High Poly version Changes Linen Underwear (and it's variations with this icon ) for Human, Aman, High elf and Castanic to naked body. High poly version has models with much more polygons and AI-upscaled textures. Might affect performance, but...
  2. pwnography.qq

    TERA - High elf grilled after captured by Lokians

    One of my older XPS scenes that I created when I was really into TERA. I thought of a scene as to what would happen to my poor high elf sorcerer when she loses to a gang of Lokian mobs. Enjoy!
  3. Naduron

    Tera - Nude Mods: Converted [GPK / UTHelper]

    What is Converted mods? They are mods that were used before the UTHelper tool was released. These mods are from the Umod tool so the resolution are smaller (but it doesnt matter if it is just a mod that removes clothing) Currently have Elin: 52 mods Castanic: 28 mods High Elf: 22 mods Human: 2...
  4. Event 17 - [2013 Santa]

    Event 17 - [2013 Santa] 2016-02-22

    Santa Sexy Mod for Castanic, Human and High Elf
  5. Event 22 [Swimsuit 2014] Carnival Bikini

    Event 22 [Swimsuit 2014] Carnival Bikini 2016-02-22

    Carnival Bikini Nude Mod for Castanic, Human, High Elf
  6. Event 35 [Martial Artist's Keikogi]

    Event 35 [Martial Artist's Keikogi] 2016-02-22

    Keikogi Nude Mod for Castanic, Human and High Elf (Not for Elin)


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