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Exactly what you expected,

Surely. Those. Aren't. Real. Service. Girls

Bouncing into action! :rolleyes:

Sherry Omake00 (School Girl Uniform)

Sherry Image 1
Sherry Image 2

Ada Omake00 (Chiness Dress)

Ada Image 1
Ada Image 2

Helena Campaign (Asia Outfit)

Helena Image 1
Helena Image 2

Download Pack

Place the arc files in your... Steam/SteamApps/common/Resident Evil 6/nativePC/arc/DX9 folder.
Remember to make backups!

The models aren't perfect as I only have basic understanding of 3ds Max, but I think for the most part they turned out alright. Let me know if anyone has any problems with them.
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yes will by amazing to see this sexy girls whit this size of tits full naked will by a dream comes true i hope some talent mind do this reallity thanks alot for this


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Suberb mod, but the link says "File belongs to a non-validated account" Can you fix it please?


Hi everyone!

I was wondering, anyone knows if there's a way to have the mod replacing every outfits?
So Helena would always wear the "big boobs costume". Same for Sherry and Ada.

I tried overwritting every costume files with the mod ones by renaming them but the game crashes when I load the save :/

Thanks !


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To install you need to place the arc files in your... Steam/SteamApps/common/Resident Evil 6/nativePC/arc/DX9 folder. And of course always make backups!

The only way you can get Helena or any other character to always wear that custom is to get the MODEL SWAP program and have it switch to her in game, replacing the files causes crashes as you already found out because those files are only meant to replace those specific files. A google search for RE6 and model swap should take you right to it. Then just follow the instructions the author of the program gives you and any character can become that model, you could change Leon into Helena for example.
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Ok because I have not seen a difference in the Leon campaign... are you sure?
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