1. CyborgArmGun

    Noble Wedding Dresses 2

    Reworked, and fixed version of Noble Wedding Dress. Things Fixed: First person View for ALL dresses, and fans. Ground items Show correctly Bonus: Textures are optimized and compressed to 1024x1024 for performance rigs.
  2. teals03

    Resident Evil 6 S.T.A.R.S. Girls

    Exactly what you expected, Surely. Those. Aren't. Real. Service. Girls Bouncing into action! :rolleyes: Sherry Omake00 (School Girl Uniform) Sherry Image 1 Sherry Image 2 Ada Omake00 (Chiness Dress) Ada Image 1 Ada Image 2 Helena Campaign (Asia Outfit) Helena Image 1 Helena Image 2...