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May 4, 2020
Hi, I'm hoping I can help the Star Wars nerds on here (myself included) get some headwear mods to replicate Zabrak horns. I went into the character creator for The Old Republic and screencapped a bunch of the horn options for female Zabraks, the angle isn't exactly ideal but it's the best I could get given that in character creation you can only rotate and zoom, not change elevation. To be clear, I AM NOT ASKING FOR A MOD FOR EACH REFERENCE - I am simply providing as much reference material as I can. I'd personally be happy with just 3 options - one with just the forehead and/or temple horns, one with only horns on the crown of the head, and one with the full ring of horns. Anything beyond that can be considered "extra credit" of sorts. And even if it ends up being just one mod, then I'll still take it. One's better than zero after all. :P

For context, Zabrak are sometimes bald, but many (especially women) have hair, which is why I'm specifically requesting a headwear mod instead of a hair mod/pic. The first spoiler is all pics without hair, and the second spoiler is all pics with hair. As far as I'm aware, there aren't really any pre-determined patterns in which Zabrak horns appear - some have a ring or horns all the way around their head like Darth Maul (who's technically a Zabrak-human hybrid), and some have only a couple of horns on the forehead and/or temples. And as shown below, Zabrak come in a wide variety of skin tones (wider than humans, but not as wide as, say, Twi'leks), but for the most part their horns are pretty much the same color.

As always, please reach out if there are any questions or input, or if this request somehow does not comply with requesting rules. Looking forward to seeing what the awesome people here can do with this. :D


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