1. X

    senko san static request

    request for senko san static hair using one of these - if you reverse it
  2. kuro_kun

    African/Black Hair Textures - Headwrap, Scarf, and Band 1.1

  3. kuro_kun

    African/Black Hair Textures - Afro 1.1

  4. R

    Temple of Anubis 1.0

    Made for use with Pharah, for example: Enjoy.
  5. Momentum

    Izuku Her Hair - Static

    I am requesting a static hair for Izuku Midorya, I have the hair file. Hair.
  6. S

    KDA Akali static hair 1.0

    KDA akali static hair made by myself. You might notice some imperfections since it's basically a png cut. Hope you don't bother. I advise you to play it in mirror mode, in order to have the "KDA" letters the right way.
  7. Miyuki

    Laki Fairy Tail (Static Hairs) 2019-09-11

    My very first try to mod ! I actually drawed and painted it. If someone have some suggestion or demands, i could try to do something ;)
  8. Javier1009

    Natsuki Static Hair [Doki Doki Literature Club!] 2019-08-09

    Natsuki's static hair from the game Doki Doki Literature Club! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is my first attempt at making a mod for this game, so my apologies if it does not turn out very good. The...
  9. C

    Request- hair for Noelle Silva from black clover -REQUEST filled

    EDIT: Request filled. See fifth post. All the noelle side pics I could find
  10. S

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse "Yamcha" Hair

    Requesting the "Yamcha" hairstyle usable for your custom characters in DBXV 1 and 2, Dynamic preferred but static will do just fine. Animated saiyan tail would be neat too but I can't imagine that'd be done easily if at all. This is a "her" hair request just to be clear. Please and thank you.
  11. feels like`HEAVEN'

    Static hair mod of Vela from Jet Force Gemini (Star Twins). 2019-04-14

    Static hair mod of Vela from Jet Force Gemini (Star Twins).
  12. Perdition

    Perdition Backgrounds 2019-03-14

    Various backgrounds collected and edited by myself.
  13. FauxNom

    Shion (Kijin) Static Hair 2019-03-06

    First attempt at making static hair mods.
  14. casketa

    Adeleine Static Hair 2019-01-04

    Kirby 64's painter Adeleine's hair
  15. casketa

    Aigis 2019-01-04

    Hairstyle for Aigis from Persona 3
  16. Perdition

    White Noise Eyes 2019-01-02

    Places animated white noise in her eyes. Does not come with sound.
  17. Antimatter42

    Recording Room 2 1.0

    And here's another recording room background I made. I don't know what it is, but using these backgrounds combined with Dr. Neutral's microphone mods both amuses and arouses me at the same time. Hope you all like it. -Antimatter42
  18. Antimatter42

    Recording Room 1.0

    And here's the second background I made. Feel free to visit my backgrounds thread.
  19. Antimatter42

    Gaming office 1.0

    This is the first background I made for SDT. The help was courtesy of SyntaxTerror's backgrounds tutorial. Feel free to give me feedback and/or advice for improvement. Enjoy.
  20. Antimatter42

    Antimatter42's Everyday Backgrounds Thread (thread is reopened)

    Hello all. Not much to say here, but I recently read SyntaxTerror's backgrounds tutorial and have decided to try my hand at making them. I hope you all Enjoy. -Antimatter42 P.S.: Here's the link to said tutorial: How to make a static PNG background Disclaimer: None of these backgrounds are...