1. G

    Request: Female Devaronian Headwear

    I imagine many of us are familiar with this big S.O.B. from The Mandalorian. What a lot of people might not know, is that Devaronians are sexually dimorphic and females don't have horns like the males - they have little black vestigial lumps on their foreheads, usually no more than two or three...
  2. G

    Request: Zabrak Horns Headwear

    Hi, I'm hoping I can help the Star Wars nerds on here (myself included) get some headwear mods to replicate Zabrak horns. I went into the character creator for The Old Republic and screencapped a bunch of the horn options for female Zabraks, the angle isn't exactly ideal but it's the best I...
  3. R

    Miss Martian (Young Justice) hair 2.0

    Update 2.0: Fixed original hair (there was a seam) and added all variants from all seasons Suggest Skin Code for green skin: Light H: -100 S: 190 L: 70 C: 115 Other Variants: Season 1 w/ Iconic Freckles (I don't really care for them but they're there if you want them) (No Screenshot)...
  4. C


    Then would someone do vanilla female body and head mod that replaces the female with a nude female Quarian, and Asari from "Mass Effect", the Asari have normal skeletal features while the Quarian skeletal structres are different, like their shins are bent a little inward, they have three...
  5. C

    Alien Hive background 1.0

  6. C

    Colonial Marine outfit 1.0

    Alien Hive background
  7. J

    Dialogue Dump

    I am posting my collection of finished & unfinished dialogue. A LOT OF THESE ARE NOT MINE I got most of them awhile ago to use & have edited them a little bit. I apologize I am not able to give credit but like I said, I got them awhile ago. I have only made SOME of them myself from scratch...
  8. Dr Bees

    SDT Battle Force 5 kyburi Static Hair. 2.0

    This is as good as it will ever look on a human head, unfortunately the art-style of the show and the heads of the Sentient's conflict with Super Deepthroat by quite a lot, due to this I am not sure if I actually will do Sage's hair.
  9. Dr Bees

    Need help from other modders for new body and head type.

    My next set of hairs I plan to make will be Agura, Sage and Kyburi from the show Battle Force 5, the only problem is Sage and Kyburi are aliens known as "Sentient's", and Sentient's have different head shapes and body's to humans, I've provided reference points below of course, now Kyburi and...
  10. EpieEco


    This is my first thread, so if I do something wrong, please point it out and I'll try and fix it, thanks! The predator face will belong to the female character. I'm surprised by the lack of Predator (From Alien Vs Predator or the Predator movie) When you are making the predator face, possibly...
  11. Myredhulk

    Lord Dominator from Wander Over Yonder

    I would like a PNG image of Lord Dominator's hair and ear. The first reference picture will be the most valuable and helpful This is very close to what I had in mind. She has a mohawk folded over to one side. Her hair is almost completely white with a tint of blue, like in the picture. She...
  12. Samoth

    Samoth's Dialogues [May 14, 2016 Update: "Trials of the Ancients"]

    I mentioned making a thread like this over in another thread in this subforum, and now that I've gone and made a total of 2 dialogues (and one doesn't apply to the other thread), I'm gonna go ahead and leave them here. If I make any further dialogues, they'll be added as necessary. See the...
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